The House on Sorority Row


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Maciste_Brother 2 / 10

Starts off great but quickly degenerates into complete utter nonsense!

Sisterly spoilers

HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW starts off promisingly: the acting ain't bad. The camerawork is good. And the set-up is plausible. So I had high hopes for this film while watching it but then suddenly it turned bad, FAST! I have no idea why the quality of the film deteriorated so quickly but it happened right after the stupid scene with the woman who was attacked by the mysterious killer and helped by the film's heroine safely back into the house, only to have to watch the woman not go where the people were or where the party was happening but go alone in a bathroom on the deserted second floor, is when I gave up on it. The scene is just plain STUPID. The filmmakers wants us to believe that a woman who was attacked by a total stranger, didn't seek refuge where it would have been impossible for the killer to attack her again? Come on. But the scene in the bathroom itself is terrible and we've seen it a million times already. The rest of the film is pure junk. The gore effects were terrible. The hand that got stabbed looked like it was made of papier maché. In fact, everything involved with prosthetic effects looked like they were made of clay or papier maché.

The really crappy thing about HOSR is the heroine. She was a freaking pain in the butt with her noble and stuck-up attitude. The actress who played her, Kate McNeil, wasn't that good or interesting. Eilein Davidson should have been the heroine. She would have been a formidable heroine. I wanted Kate McNeil's character to die a slow and miserable death.

The direction and the script are at fault here. No one behind the caneras understands horror. The sub-plot with the doctor locking up the entire house was pointless. Scenes of McNeil having hallucinatory moments were truly laughable and amateurish. Hard to believe anyone thought those scenes were effective or added anything to the film. The many moments with the girls trying to get rid of the body reminded me of WEEKEND'S AT BERNIES. And the ending in the attic is unbelievable stupid and ineffective. No suspense or terror. And the very last shot of the movie, after the heroine made the killer fall from the attic down to the next floor, and the body of the killer is not moving or anything but then his eyes suddenly open. That's it. That's the last shot of the film. What happened after that? Did the killer murder McNeil's character ( I hope so)? Did the killer in the clown suit ran away and joined the circus? Did the two get married? Was the ending done in preparation for an eventual sequel that never happened(Arf!)? The whole ending left me with a big "Huh?" That has got to be the lamest ending I've seen in a horror film, and I've seen a lot of them.

To add more kookiness to this already wretched product is the undeniable feel that while I was watching HOSR I was actually watching a Brian De Palma movie. Then I read somewhere that the director of HOSR used to work with De Palma. Wow! No wonder HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW starts off great and ends miserably. It's a Brian De Palma trademark: aside from CARRIE, all of De Palma's movies have great beginnings, lousy endings. If I had known that the director used to work with De Palma, then I probably wouldn't have bothered to watch this flick.

Reviewed by thelastblogontheleft 4 / 10

Could be bloodier

The House on Sorority Row is one of the many cult classic slasher films to come out of the 1980s. The director, Mark Rosman, had studied under Brian de Palma in his early days. As a result, I feel like — despite this being a fairly run-of-the-mill slasher flick — it has a slight leg up as a result, especially considering it was Rosman's first feature film (and he was only 24 at the time). But not much.

The story centers around a group of seven sorority sisters who are trying to plan their final hurrah — their graduation party — but being thwarted by their house mother's increasingly rigid rules and stifling attitude. They decide to play a prank on her to lighten the mood, but things become darker than ever when it doesn't go quite as planned…


I had pretty high hopes for this movie going into it, and even during the first 30 minutes or so. It's a fairly well known cult classic and I had heard the name about a million times before finally caving and watching it. I am definitely guilty of building up what I think a movie will be like in my mind and, unsurprisingly, am often disappointed (or surprised, at the very least). I love 80s slashers so I knew I wouldn't HATE it, but I definitely wish I had liked it more.

The initial backstory of Mrs. Slater's (Lois Kelso Hunt) traumatic birthing experience and her subsequent mental breakdown was promising. When Dr. Beck (Christopher Lawrence) says into his hand-held recorder "there's a good chance that any traumatic episode could act as a stimulus for the patient's latent violence" I was like, OH DAMN, we are IN FOR IT.

Even more so when the girls deliver their prank, which was pretty messed up even for spoiled sorority girls.

But it went a bit downhill from there. There were decent chunks of the movie when I was more occupied with boredom than suspense (most of all whenever they'd show Katie's "date", Peter, just tiptoeing around looking rejected — get a life, dude). Or just studying the various plot holes (does being injected with a sedative really mean you can still run around mostly unhindered save for a few moments of stopping to catch your breath?).

The kills were largely mediocre (save for the throat slitting in the van, that was pretty solid). I won't lie, I like my slashers to be bloody, and this just didn't deliver in that aspect (and a couple of them were too fake-looking to even be shocking). Though the head in the toilet was pretty fantastic.

The acting was surprisingly good for such a cheesefest, with a few genuinely funny moments ("I'm a sea pig!"). And I did really enjoy the music (the atmospheric soundtrack written by Richard Band — who has a number of 80s horror classics under his belt — and performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, NOT the party band — 4 out of 5 Doctors — who were a fitting addition but not altogether pleasant).

I thought it was going to take a more interesting, dark turn when Dr. Beck ties Katie up and tells her "you're the bait", hoping to lure Eric in… but that didn't really pan out either. It redeemed itself for a moment when Eric turns out to be hiding inside that super creepy jester costume and mask that are inexplicably hanging in the attic… but that was so short-lived it's barely worth mentioning.

Ultimately, worth watching if you're interested in seeing a fairly mild, cheesy slasher flick with a decent storyline and acting… but not among my favorites.

Reviewed by Martin Bradley 4 / 10

Suitably sleazy trash

Another slasher movie in which a bevy of beautiful sorority girls are diced and sliced and all because of something that happened 20 years previously. It's hardly "Halloween"; it's not even "Friday the 13th" but "The House on Sorority Row" is a suitably sleazy creep-fest nevertheless. Of course it's also totally predictable right from the pre-credit sequence. The acting is terrible and the script is no better and sometimes it's hard to tell if the laughs are intentional or not but that's all part of the fun where trash like this is concerned. This is strictly Midnight Movie material; seeing it in the cold light of day may not really be such a good idea.

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