The Hours


Action / Drama / Romance

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Julianne Moore as Laura Brown
Claire Danes as Julia Vaughan
Meryl Streep as Clarissa Vaughan
Nicole Kidman as Virginia Woolf
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Elewis1195 1 / 10

Have you ever gotten up during intermission and been reminded that it was part of the show?

Philip Glass 4 minutes and 33 seconds of my life that I want back. That's how I felt about this movie. 2 hours about what people think when they're thinking depressing thoughts. It was like My Dinner With Andre but without anything interesting to say, and, people talking about their problems.

Now, I've read some of the reviews and some people find this movie a refreshing and much needed expression of the difficulties of being a woman dealing with depression and . . . that's fine. I mean, I get that, I really do.

But oh my god was I bored watching this, to me, pointless and depressing monotone of a film where nothing happened and nobody smiled. If you liked this film - great. I hated it. It didn't feel like I was watching a movie it felt like I was being punished.

I did like Nicole Kidman's fake nose though. That had a certain charm. She looked like the ugly duckling who could be prom queen if she'd just smile, but the coolness of her new appearance didn't last. I'd rather watch chicken little than see this one again.

Reviewed by hyunjikimd 10 / 10

Deeply sad but truth

This movie could be little bit boring for someone. But not many movies can describe living as a woman no matter 'when' and 'where' do you live, like 'The Hours' did.

Three different women, they look different, their personalities are different, and they have to deal with their own different problems everyday .... but ironically they are all connected with another fictitious woman character, 'Mrs. Dalloway', so no matter how different they are, they go through with the same fate, 'living as women'.

I am a woman too. I know the world is getting better and women's right has been improved a lot, but still a lot of women live under glass ceiling, which ask women to do this and do this, or not to do this... I hope this kind of movies keep coming so that we all can slowly break glass ceiling one by one.

Reviewed by paulsp2-1 8 / 10

Out of the Mainstream

This movie is well out of the usual Hollywood mainstream, in other words it's a film to make you think and concentrate. I won't go into the details as they have already been well covered by other reviews. My only slight negative is the Aids inclusion which is so very Hollywood, especially at this time. Enough to say it contains some really great acting and an amazing score by Philip Glass which is actually a stroke of genius such is the atmosphere it brings to the story. One of the greatest movie score composers, Bernard Hermann once said that a music score either makes or brakes a film and I couldn't agree with him more - in this case his philosophy certainly applies. One of the greats of the past 15 years.

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