The Honey Killer


Comedy / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lcrowter-19484 10 / 10

It's not just the big studios that make movies!

A friend of mine told me about this film. He recommended it because it was totally different from a big studio movie (we both support indie film makers). I really enjoyed it! It's fast, funny and sexy, with a great look and some cracking tunes! Made me want to go to Spain! Although not with Janine!

Reviewed by oliver-724-769613 9 / 10

Beautiful film that stays with you

Actually a very beautiful film with really unique scenes that stay with you. Yes, it's a low budget b-movie but it's incredible what Harrison has pulled together with a warmth and passion that you won't find on bigger budget films. Stunning locations, snappy dialogue and a satisfying story arc. Strikes me as an incredible achievement by a group of passionate film makers. Looking forward to seeing what they produce next,

Reviewed by jshreim 8 / 10

Low Budget B-Movie full of promise!

Considering it was made for measly $30,000, the directors ambition shines through - with it's Tarantino-esque soundtrack, British charm, stunning locations and one of the hottest undiscovered actresses out there. The Honey Killer is a resourceful and ingenious nod to early Peter Jackson and Robert Rodriguez movies, hopefully inspiring other young directors to get out there!

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