The Hollars


Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 43%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 68%
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Anna Kendrick as Rebecca
Sharlto Copley as Ron Hollar
John Krasinski as John Hollar
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by speedcanary 8 / 10

Quirky and endearing

I adored this movie! It enriched my evening last night. I didn't have any expectations going into it. I figured I'd like it because of the great cast--and that is a small part of the reason why I enjoyed it so much.

I enjoyed how the characters never took themselves too seriously-- and the message behind this movie for me is you really shouldn't take yourself and life too seriously because then it's too heavy to carry around all the time.

The movie was endearing to me because Sally and Don remind me so much of my grandparents whom I admire greatly. Don calling Sally "chief," is much like one of several nicknames my grandaddy called my mama (What I've always referred to them as). Their playful and joking personalities are similar to my grandparents too, so I really felt like I was with both of them again.

This is great family viewing for the reasons I've mentioned. I think adults and kids will both get some enjoyment out of this film. Plus, Charlie Day is Charlie Day in it--and everything you'd expect from John Krasinski is delivered. Watch it please!!!

Reviewed by kz917-1 6 / 10

Family Comedy with Heart

Directed by and starring John Krasinski this family comedy with a few tears hits all the right marks.

From family fisticuffs in the hospital room to indulging mom's sweet tooth for dipping pretzels into ice cream for breakfast - this family has got a lot of heart.

The family rallies when Sally Hollar begins having seizures and needs brain surgery. What follows is a family coming back together and smoothing out misunderstandings. There are zany madcap moments that will make you laugh and cry. Worth a view.

Reviewed by samanthawhite 5 / 10

Great cast, Alright Story...

The movie began feeling like there wasn't a proper introduction into the first few characters, I expected it do go deeper through out the movie but felt like it lacked the connection with the audience.

There were some slightly funny moments where I would find myself with a smile & cracking a little laugh but I could feel it would end with heartache, if not by death of the mother than a relationship break down with John Hollar (John Krasinski) & Rebecca (Anna Kendrick).

There was a brief love triangle thing going on with Johns old girlfriend, with her new husband, Jason (Charlie Day) being Johns Mums nurse at the hospital, the first interaction with John & Jason was funny & was confusing for John who ended up being invited over for dinner after being accused of still having feeling for his old girlfriend.

Over all, it felt like some story lines were briefly touched on but weren't explored any further.

With a sad but sweet ending, I would still recommend watching this movie if you enjoy dramas & especially with this lovely cast.

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