The Hit List


Action / Thriller

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Cuba Gooding Jr. as Jonas Arbor
Cole Hauser as Allan Campbell
Michael Papajohn as Special Agent Drake Ford
Jonathan LaPaglia as Detective Neil McKay
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 5 / 10

A familiar story, but the actors work hard

THE HIT LIST is a typical B-movie thriller with solid performances from the leads and an undemanding plot. Cuba Gooding Jr. is cast against type as a weary hitman who tires of his life and goes off the deep end while Cole Hauser is the down-on-his-luck protagonist who makes a fateful mistake one night. The story opens like STRANGERS ON A TRAIN, with strangers meeting in a bar and agreeing to a deathly pact, but it soon turns into something more akin to COLLATERAL. The low budget works against it a bit, but there are some highlights here, particularly the climax which is heavily indebted to THE TERMINATOR's police station massacre.

Reviewed by grandmastersik 4 / 10

Could have been so much better

Having read the logline in the TV guide, I really liked the concept. Cuba Gooding Jr in a leading role got my attention and so, I sat up late to watch what I was expecting to be a good - if not excellent - flick.

The first thing noticeable about The Hit List is just how cheap it looks. Honestly, with a film that has Cuba Gooding Jr in a leading role, I was at least expecting something cinema-worthy in the aesthetics department; instead, it looked like it was made on the quick for TV.

Unfortunately, the look was a warning sign, as the script easily could have elevated this, had some more effort been put into it. Lazy, would be one word to describe what I was watching, and Cuba's performance fitted in well, with him going through the motions as if he was only on location for a pay cheque, and didn't much care for the end result.

And come the ending, it's doubtful you'll be any different, as the sheer lack of effort in just about every aspect of the film - particularly the character development - makes it a perfect bedtime flick (i.e. nothing to get you excited).

Still, with the concept and Cuba, this was definitely a missed opportunity, no matter what budget the producers had to work with.

Reviewed by TehcEovo 7 / 10

Really good movie

I most say that every movie I look in which acts Cuba Gooding Jr. I enjoy. And in this one it's the same. Even I can't conclude why this movie gets so low ratings when it's really good story of life (like people taking everything for granted and nobody cars, except him in this movie). The movie it's really good but I will give grade 7 because I don't like ending of it. But I wont tall which kind of ending is. So you can have desire to watch it. It's worth. The best text line for me in the movie was Quote: "God doesn't discriminate. I guess he made me in his own image. Life's a fluke, mate. A flash in the pan and then it's over. A trigger's like a fast forward button. I just skip to the end credits on other people's lives. Or not?! The choice is mine to make." end quote !!

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