The Hippopotamus



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 45%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 47%
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Matthew Modine as Michael Logan
Russell Tovey as Rupert Keynes
Fiona Shaw as Anne Logan
Emily Berrington as Jane Swann
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by michaellisher 8 / 10

Literature meets film

Hippopotamus is an adaption of a novel written by Stephen Fry, which by credit to whomever chose the cast, became obvious within ten minutes into the film when Ted Wallace, played by Roger Allam, affirmed his character so well as to have an essence of Stephen Fry's grandiloquence emanate through his role. For that reason, this film would certainly be recommended to any fans of Stephen Fry, himself.

The quality of which, between the book itself and the film, must forgo to others more competent as book reviewers rather than film, as I, myself, thoroughly enjoyed the more eloquent use of language, as expected from a book, whilst a cast, of whom were capable of the eccentric roles which were required from them, were perfectly matched to the script. Bringing together a film, which by today's standards, is a phenomenal increase in the use of grammar with a visual display to aid the story onto the screen.

The story revolves around a supposed miracle of which Ted Wallace (Roger Allam) is employed by Jane Swann (Emily Berrington) to witness for himself but yet opposes throughout. With such opposition, the film becomes an Agatha Christie Poirot mystery with all the clues just need piecing together to figure out if indeed this was a film, as one would watch at Christmas, with all the miracles of hope and joy, or if, by going against the grain of human emotion, reason and logic would succeed to answer the inexplicable.

Much to my disappointment was that a search for more adaptations of Stephens Frys books led to zero.

Reviewed by valleyjohn 5 / 10

A confused film

This a strange one. Adapted from a Stephen Fry novel this film is a hard one to pigeon hole. It starts off as a comedy with some Malcolm Tucker ( The thick of it ) like scenes played brilliantly by Roger Allam it then turns into a stately home farce and ends up being like a detective mystery story. Its the story of a drunken poet and theatre critic who loses his job and then agrees to investigate goings on at Swafford Manor where so called miracles are being performed. I enjoyed the performances in this especially from Roger Allam but the film itself left me a little cold probably because I couldn't really relate to the people in it plus it was a little too high brow for my liking. As soon a poetry is mentioned , which it is several times , I tend to glaze over and lose interest. If you are into the old Agatha Christie movies I can see how this might appeal but it wasn't for me.

Reviewed by Rick James 6 / 10


This trifle fails to convince. The story is contrived and the deus ex machina is not appealing. Throw in a bit of raunchy teen-cream excitement to attract voyeurs, and there you go. The performances are good, although each character is stock. If you're on a plane this is worth seeing but don't pay for it.

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