The Haunting of Ellie Rose


Action / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by danocaster 1 / 10

Movie is SOOOOO Slow!!!

Another low budget horror film that is completely worthless. Absolutely no energy in this movie about a woman who is haunted by her past. It was impossible to create any suspense and the acting was very poor. In this type of film it's really important to feel something for the lead characters and instead we're treated to long, boring passages that don't amount to anything. The director needed to make the start much more involving. Simply not at all scary which is what you want out of a picture like this.Don't waste your money on this. In fact, don't waste your time on this. Truly awful.Please give us quality scare films. Not stuff like this!

Reviewed by Nigel P 4 / 10

Spoilers follow ...

Type-casting can be unforgiving. Lucy Benjamin, well known for years in cockney soap 'EastEnders', plays the title character here, and it took me a while to get used to her with an American accent. This is short-sighted of me because, to my UK ears, she is very convincing as Rose, returning to her remote family cabin after suffering an abusive marriage.

However impressive she is, I'm not quite as in love with her as Director Tristan Versluis seems to be; much time is spent with her alone living day to day, sleeping, eating, day-dreaming and running from spectral images, presumably from her past.

Whilst his lingering execution conveys very well the isolated monotony of her existence amidst these beautiful but unforgiving surroundings, it slowly dawns on me that nothing at all seems to be happening. I love slow-burning stories, but apart from her remembering her abusive past, there is nothing going on.

Joining Benjamin are other UK actors with American accents – fellow soap actor Bill Ward as Frank and Alexander Moen as Chloe. Moments are repeated, an occasional well-executed shock-effect occurs, but these moments are in isolation and don't appear to lead to anything. It's as if every scene has been thrown into a hat and picked out at random and made into a film.

The impressive finale threatens to almost make sense of it all, and it becomes apparent that the twist simply isn't hugely emotive because apart from Rose, all the characters are so sketchily written. This is a shame because visually, everything is great. Ultimately 'The Haunting of Ellie Rose', also known as 'Not Alone' is rather like a David Lynch film, only not terribly well made. It emerges as a muddle, despite the best efforts of the cast.

Reviewed by debanyam 1 / 10

slow isn't even the word for the pace

I rarely turn a movie off, I do my best to give it the benefit of the doubt and hope it will get better, some movies start off slow...this one...never picked up! From the first 5 minutes I was bored out of my mind and couldn't say my usual "have to finish this, I already have time invested that I will never get back" but this one has made my top 5 of worst movies I've ever seen. after 15 minutes I couldn't take the lack of dialog, terrible dialog (when there actually was any), lack of a plot, beyond slow and horrendous "acting". some movie that are classified as thrillers or psychological thrillers, which this was supposed to be missed the mark by miles.

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