The Harder They Come


Action / Crime / Drama / Music

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 89%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 83%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sameir Ali 7 / 10

Music & Violence

Musician Jimmy Cliff plays the lead role. He is coming to the new town. He is in search of a job. Food-less and homeless, he wanders around in search of a job. Finally, he comes to a preacher. He takes up the job as a mechanic. He meets a young girl there and falls in love.

The movie is a cult entertainer. There are so many mistakes of beauty. Music and violence leads the movie a entertaining. The language may be little hard for normal audience, in that case better to watch with sub titles.

"You Can Get It If You Really Want..." this should be in your minds after watching the film.


Reviewed by Red-Barracuda 8 / 10

Unique crime drama set to a soundtrack of Jamaican tunes

This is rightfully regarded as a cult classic. It's a pretty unique movie on account of its setting. In fact, the geographical backdrop is one of the very best things about this one. It takes a raw look at life in poverty in Jamaica, with its story of a would-be singer who arrives in Kingston from the countryside. He soon gets involved in criminal behaviour after being ripped off by the local record company boss and becomes a folk hero off the back of these activities plus the popularity of his record 'The Harder They Come'.

Jimmy Cliff stars in this one as the central character Ivan and he is excellent in the role. Particularly impressive given that he isn't a trained actor at all. There is a real authenticity to his performance. In fact all the characters here have a gritty realness to them, with the Jamaican setting on the whole presented in a nuts and bolts no nonsense manner that gives the film a highly authentic feel. It's this very unglamorised, truthful presentation that gives this film its edge for me. Additionally, this was the film that seriously increased the popularity of reggae out-with Jamaica. Aside from the superb title song there is 'You Can Really Get It If You Want It' as well as a handful of others by various other stars of the genre. The story is pretty simple but this straightforward narrative is used as a means of saying a lot of truthful things. The result is a highly distinctive genre film, with great flavour.

NB: despite being English language, this one will require English subtitles for most people on account of the very heavy Jamaican patois used by many of the characters.

Reviewed by LeonLouisRicci 10 / 10

Movie a Must-See...Soundtrack a Must-Have...Artistically & Historically Important

This is a Difficult Film to Review. The History of the Movie is Ripe with Cuts, More Cuts, and Cut Some More.

There are Different Versions Floating around out there as this First Jamaican Feature Film has been "Loved To Death" by Reggae Music Enthusiasts, but the Movie has been Exploited by Home Distributors and given the "Bum's Rush" and Little Respect.

It's Probably Worth a Watch in any Version, but Subtitles are Must. The Rastafarian Slang and Heavy Jamaican Accents are Thick and Elusive.

It's a Standard Gangster Movie on the Surface, Loosely Based on a Real Life "Ivan". The Template of the Film is Raw but Beautiful, as is the Montage and the Acting.

It Unapologetic-ally Films the Poverty and Squalor of Jamaica's Poor and has a Pro-Left, Liberal Agenda. Especially Concerning Political and Police Corruption.

The Soundtrack that gets all the Ink is a Mixed Bag. The Music and Artist Selection is Seminal and Flawlessly Showcases Early Reggae's Biggest Influences. "The Harder They Come Soundtrack" is one of the Best Soundtracks Ever and for Anyone Interested in Reggae Music it's a Must Have.

In the Movie, however, a lot of the Songs are Sparse, and some only get a Few Lines in the Background (owning the Soundtrack will eliminate this shortcoming). The Title Tune by Jimmy Cliff (who also Stars) is Overly-Used with others getting the Short End.

Overall, the Amateur Acting Adds to the Gritty Feel of the Film and Director Perry Henzell Shows some Artistic Chops that makes the Movie a very Real Surreal Treat.

Note...The Jamaican Government at the time of filming interfered at every level to stop the Movie from being Produced and Released. It's anti-establishment message and unfettered look at Jamaica was something that was not welcome. The Tourist Trade Ruled, and Reggae, Rastafarians, Rude Boys and Ganja were ignored at best and persecuted at worst.

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