The Hard Word


Action / Comedy / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 40%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 40%
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Joel Edgerton as Shane Twentyman
Guy Pearce as Dale Twentyman
Robert Taylor as Frank Malone
Rachel Griffiths as Carol Twentyman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by blanche-2 5 / 10

a bunch of unpleasant people

I love Guy Pearce, with or without nose putty, so I picked up The Hard Word from 2002. It also stars Rachel Griffiths of "Six Feet Under" fame, Robert Taylor, Joel Edgerton, and Damien Richardson.

Pearce, Richardson, and Edgerton play the Twentyman brothers, Dale, Mal, and Shane. They're experienced armed robbers. They are currently in prison, but when they're released on bail, they have time for one job until they need to return to prison due to a "paperwork" problem.

Their attorney, Frank (Robert Taylor) is in love with Dale's wife Carol (Griffiths), and Dale suspects. He wants to run away with her. Frank arranges for them to pull off a multi-million dollar heist in Melbourne, though Dale questions his motives.

Frank has some locals to work with them - and Dale sees how this is going to play out. The locals will work with them, all right, then kill them. Frank will then have Carol to himself.

The heist portion of this film was definitely the best part, very exciting, moved quickly, with a lot of suspense and cleverness. As for the rest of it, I didn't care for it as I did't like any of the characters, nor do I like pig slaughter, a description of it, and talk of blood sausages. Yuk.

As a blond, Griffiths looked terrific and did a good job as Dale's sexy and cool wife.

The rest of the acting was good - Pearce, Edgerton, Richardson, and Taylor are all familiar faces. Pearce is a true chameleon and pulled off the low-rent Dale very well, and Taylor was handsome and smooth as their manipulative attorney.

Not a favorite. I think men will like it, though.

Reviewed by zenophobe 7 / 10

Good Aussie Crime Romp

Glad I ran into part of this movie on TV and enjoyed enough of what I saw to stop and get the entire movie to watch.

It's a romp in that some segments are a bit cartoonish and comic in nature and the violence in it isn't anything emotionally jarring or tramautic.

Fans of Pierce and Edgerton will probably watch this while going through their catalog of films and I think they won't be displeased although my favorite character was the sausage making good-natured and lovable 3rd brother Mal played by Damien Richardson.

For those still skeptical, just give it a watch and see if it doesn't catch you in the first 20 or so minutes.

Reviewed by fung0 8 / 10

Not what you'd expect

If you watch The Hard Word expecting yet another heist/caper flick in the vein of The Bank Job, you're going to be frustrated. At first, the film feels like it's all setup, with no payoff. Then you realize: this IS the film. It's not about some sort of grandiose criminal scheme. It's about these *people,* and their very individual outlook on life. And on that basis, it's really quite brilliant.

The three brothers each have their own peculiar point of view. There's the tough guy (Pearce), the oddball (who strikes up an out-of-the-blue love affair with his prison counselor), and the soulful butcher (who gleefully slaughters pigs, but wouldn't hurt a fly). Then there's Frank: the criminal jerk who just can't seen anything but the next big score, and thinks he can manipulate everyone. And, right in the middle, Rachel Griffiths' character -- a somewhat unwilling and perhaps incompetent femme fatale.

There's plenty of action in the film, including a climactic heist, but these events are surprisingly low-key. The movie isn't about who gets away with how much. It's just as much about blood sausage, and unusual uses for a lava lamp, and sticking things in a cow, and a dyslexic hit-man... a whole string of strange events that might have been enough for several movies.

I found myself puzzled by the film at first, then swept along by its endless stream of remarkable occurrences. And, in the end, I became absolutely enchanted by the three incorrigible brothers, and their optimistic motto: "Nobody gets hurt." The ending, when it arrived, was exactly what I was by then hoping it would be. It left me with a big grin that took hours to wear off.

Don't go into this expecting a down under version of Ocean's 11. This is much more like The Ice Harvest, or Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead -- a sort of existentialist film noir fable. And a pure delight, provided you're in a receptive frame of mind.

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