The Hangover


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 79%
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Ed Helms as Stu
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by junkmail-385 1 / 10

Slow, uninspired, not funny

We got a single half-chuckle out of this movie at the 32 minute mark. That was it for the entire movie. We stuck it out to the bitter end only because so many people at the rental store said this was a very funny movie. Thanks to a couple of beers on hand, I didn't die of complete boredom, but we should have listened to the minority who said they turned it off after a few minutes.

This movie contains trivial, unfunny "humor", including lame butt jokes. The acting is ponderous and uninspired, largely because the content is completely lame and due to the need to drag this movie out to feature-length. I could write funnier material than this if it was my job.

Casting was also terrible. For instance, the "Fat Jesus" character just wasn't crazy or ugly enough.

The sleeping with the bartender joke was lame the first time. We didn't need it repeated 10 more times. Same with the Dr. Dentist joke.

The portrayal of police officers and the physician as unprofessional was too uninspired to be funny.

The movie is chock-a-block full of 4-letter words and unimaginative insults, yet every so often it throws in a kiddie swear word for no reason at all. Stupid on all counts!

Why did Dr. Dentist ever think he'd get away with staying in Las Vegas, when his girlfriend checks his credit card statements and he was billing the hotel room to his credit card? It wouldn't matter if the bill was for $100 or $10,000, she would still see it was in Las Vegas, not Napa.

Never answered: how/why did these deadbeats meet Mike Tyson and how did Mike Tyson's tiger ever get to the hotel?

Even the makeup was bad: Doug should have much redder and his color was inconsistent between scenes at the end.

Reviewed by silasCT 1 / 10

just joined IMDb to trash this movie

I just joined IMDb to trash this movie, that's how much I didn't like it. Now, I found SuperBad, 40 yr old virgin, Something About Mary, Animal House all hilarious movies....not opposed to 'gross' humor is my point. But this movie was completely humorless, had no soul, each character more deplorable than the last. What makes movies funny is often the tension between the well-intentioned 'good' character and the rogues who beset them, (think Ben Stiller's character vs Matt Dillon's in SAM). Nothing like that here, really the character who might have brought comic tension into the story was the one roasting on the roof, off-camera for 95% of the time...dull, dull, dull.

Reviewed by amoghrm 10 / 10

wasgreat. watch it with your best friends. or maybe you can even ust feel them like they are around you

I enjoyed it a lot. forget the negative reviews . watch it and freshen your mind..

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