The Hallow


Action / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 71%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 49%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 12841


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Bojana Novakovic as Clare Hitchens
Joseph Mawle as Adam Hitchens
Michael McElhatton as Colm Donnelly
Michael Smiley as Garda Davey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 7 / 10

Nice little atmospheric horror film without any body count n jump scares but the tension is maintained.

Saw this on a rented dvd. Been on my radar for a long time. The plot is about a couple and their infant baby who moves into the backwoods of Ireland. The male (Joseph Mawle) who is an expert in microbiology has come to inspect the trees for clearance. He is warned by the local (Michael McElhatton) not to trespass the forests as the "hallows" will trespass into his house n steal his baby. One nite the window of the infant's room is broken but the couple is assured by the local cop (Michael Smiley) not to worry as some bird must have done it. In the beginning one will wonder why the scene of the wife (Bojana Novakovic) removing the iron grill is shown. Even the repair guy tells the husband that his wife shudnt have removed the iron grills. There is an explanation for that but not a logical one. Even the film became a lil silly towards the end. The film moves at a decent pace n from the beginning there is a sense of dread. Also whenever a baby is in peril, the film becomes even more tension filled. Tension is maintained throughout n the effects were pretty good. Some may be bored as there is not enuff creature action n the body count is almost zero. But if u enjoy atmospheric horror film with enuff moments of tension then u will enjoy this film. I wish Michael Smiley's role was bigger as i like that actor's comic timings n his face itself is smiley like his surname.

Reviewed by blatherskitenoir 3 / 10

Interesting concept, but you'll scream from frustration, not terror

"Elves are terrific, the beget terror" -Terry Pratchett, Lords and Ladies

Fairy tales were the original horror stories, so a return to the source is a refreshing departure from the Tinker Bells and Caspers of today. And the woodland creatures in The Hallows are creepy enough to fit the bill.

However, the oblivious, bumbling, pig-headed stupidity of the male lead will so frustrate you, you'll start to wish he'd die faster. His much-smarter-than-him wife is constantly calling his name like the teacher from Beuller as he completely ignores her and does yet another idiotic thing that gets him stabbed in the eye.

Further aggravation is to be had as the writers ignore traditional lore and begin making up their own rules, twisting the Fae until they more closely resemble contagious alien vampires. Freaky they are, accurate they are not. And then they start contradicting the guidelines they made up for themselves.

To conclude, the cool practical effects and few scary moments are not enough to save this ultimately irritating and dumb movie.

Reviewed by Stevieboy666 4 / 10

Slightly disappointing

A couple with a young child move to rural Ireland & meet hostility from the locals - but far worse horrors are to come from mythical creatures that live in the woods where their house is situated. There are plenty of scary creatures here and the special effects are adequate. But two things let this film down in my opinion. Firstly I did not like Joseph Mawle in the role of Adam. Not because of his acting ability, I just couldn't get into his character. Secondly the onslaught of the creatures on the family started too soon & therefore lasted too long. Towards the end I just wanted the credits to roll.

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