The Grey


Action / Adventure / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 79%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 61%
IMDb Rating 6.8 10 222996


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Liam Neeson as Ottway
Dermot Mulroney as Talget
Frank Grillo as Diaz
Dallas Roberts as Henrick
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jcoria 9 / 10

Much Deeper than a survival film

Just a few comments about this Jack Londonesque movie. Beyond the surface this movie harpoons the great competitions of man versus man, man versus nature, man versus God and man versus himself. What the director was able to accomplish in this raw film is an inspiration. A man evolving from suicidal tendencies, a man who protected life but initially cares little of his own, revealed his true flesh of wanting to live. The ethereal remembrances provided a cloudy peek into his pain. The parallels of the pack of wolves and the pack of men within the indifferent universe. Oh my fellow watchers this visceral movie gives us hope, purpose and the untethered pang of raw survival. To rage against the cold, while the hungry wolves that lurk in our souls attempt to devour us. Those that rate this movie poorly lack the honed taste of organic storytelling. Shakespeare throughout this movie. Enter the Gray with fortitude and alacrity and your poem will write itself. Well done.

Reviewed by arguscustomknives 10 / 10

Not everyone can understand it

This is one of the deepest movies I have ever watched. Point is not about the wolves, location or anything else. Point is about him loosing the loved one. And only If you lost someone you truly loved you will be able to understand what he felt. He went to take his own life but he couldn't, subconsciously he wanted that someone else does it, in this case it was the wolves.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 3 / 10

One bland grey

Judging from reading the reviews, 'The Grey' is a very polarising film. Understandably. As has been said in other films, some people liked or loved it, others disliked or hated it. My main reason for seeing 'The Grey' was Liam Neeson, an actor who is never less than watchable and has been known to be very good regardless of what the rest of the film is like.

Didn't outright hate 'The Grey', there are a few (emphasis on few) things done right and there are far worse films, naming them and summing them up would fill a whole book series or several of them. It isn't even the worst film with Neeson, that dishonour out of the ones personally seen is 'Taken 3'. Having said that, very much disliked it on the most part. Contrary to what has been written in many of the negative reviews, there is much more wrong to the film than being factually inaccurate even though there was illogic and unintentional ridiculousness as a result.

Thank goodness for Neeson, by far the best thing about 'The Grey'. He had a lot on his shoulders to carry the film, being the lead and being crucial to stopping the film from being worse than it could have been. He is more than up to the task and gives a magnetic gravitas that was not present in the acting of the rest of the cast.

Neeson apart, there are a couple of other redeeming qualities. The landscape is both bleakly atmospheric and strikingly beautiful, with moments of photography that matches that quality. Then there are the scene-stealing wolves, while they are genuinely menacing and like Neeson deserved a much better film they are also characters that one roots for far more than any of the human characters.

Other than those redeeming qualities the rest of 'The Grey' doesn't work. The photography, as said, has moments, but mostly it's very slipshod and murky. The editing is choppy and not always coherent, especially in the action, while one does not expect to see effects this low-budget and at least 10 years out of date. Music is largely unmemorable and the direction is workmanlike at best and more often than not struggles badly to reach even that.

With the sole exception of Neeson, the acting is very indifferent though in fairness a lot of them have little to work with with such a bland, bare bones script and emotionally un-investable characters.

Biggest problems are the pacing and the story. The pace is pedestrian and the constant lack of suspense, tension and excitement severely hurts it. The story's action is under-utilised and when there is any it's poorly edited, ridiculous and dully choreographed. The psychological elements were an intriguing idea, executed in a crying out for more meat on the bones way, further disadvantaged by that none of the characters are interesting. Suspense and tension is next to nil, while the film is rife with ridiculousness and parts that are illogical. The cliff scene is an embarrassment.

Overall, the colour grey has rarely been this bland. 3/10 Bethany Cox

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