The Greatest Game Ever Played


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Shia LaBeouf as Francis Ouimet
Peyton List as Sarah Wallis
Elias Koteas as Arthur Ouimet
Stephen Dillane as Harry Vardon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dirkgifford 10 / 10

Thoughtful, exciting film about competition with others and oneself

It has a wonderful cast. Stephen Dillane and Shia LeBeouf each play a character I cared deeply about. The competition was believable as were the twists in the plot. I don't golf, but that didn't matter. It's a story about competing with others and with oneself. Mark Frost, the author of the original book and the screenwriter, is a wonderful storyteller.

Reviewed by dgriggs6 10 / 10

One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIES!!! And I have seen tons of films ...

I cannot believe it has been so many years ago that I first rated this movie (TEN! I would give it an eleven if I could!) but never wrote a review. First off, I will admit to some biases. I have played and adored golf for almost 60 yrs, since I was 7. Secondly, I was born and raised in the Boston area. Third, I DESPISE arrogant, holier-than-thou, self-righteous people, and am glad that among lots of western nations, the US is or at least was one of the least-conscious class societies. Fourth, Francis' incredibly loving mom reminds me of my mom. So if you share some of these things, and have never seen this movie, you may just LOVE IT!!! I found myself wanting to rip out the throat of INCREDIBLY ARROGANT Lord Northcliffe, played magnificently by Peter Firth. And best of all, this flick is based on a true event. Ouimet's (pronounced WEE-met) big upset win in 1913 US Open Golf. How big an upset was it? In 2005 when flick was released, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson were two of top 3 golfers (1st and 2nd?) in world. This 1913 upset was as if the Massachusetts State Amateur champ defeated Tiger and Phil at US Open. I consider it THE greatest upset ever in sports. Even more than the 1980 (and 1960) wins by the US Olympic hockey teams over the Soviet Union.

Reviewed by Dan1863Sickles 4 / 10

Walt Disney Presents Cinderella On The Golf Course

Barely adequate sports saga set in 1913 America, with a plucky French Canadian immigrant Kid (Shia LeBouef) up against Stephen Dillane as polished English champion Harry Vardon. (A true English gentleman who is haunted by ghosts in top hats telling him he's not well born enough to be a golf champ. Yes, it's as dumb as it sounds.)

There's a number of elements to this movie, and none of them work together all that well. The period clothes and settings don't really establish a mood, because all the actors talk and act in a breezy, modern, 21st century style. The dirt poor hero has a rich girl who falls for him at first sight, and Peyton List plays this Victorian beauty with a million dollar smile, tons of sex appeal, and all the modesty and decorum of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model prancing across a beach in her bikini. (Not that I'm complaining!)

Veteran character actor Elias Koteas plays Ouimet senior, the bitter, hard bitten French Canadian dad who insists his son will never amount to anything. The writing here is so overdone it's like something out of WALK HARD: THE DEWEY COX STORY. ("Ze wrong kid died! Ze wrong kid died!") The irony is that the bitter father is the most believable, period authentic character in the story, and the actor playing him practically steals the movie. You keep feeling like the story is going to turn into FENCES, but of course Disney can't have an American tragedy breaking out in the middle of a feel good sports story. So the unhappy father comes around in the last reel -- and if you think that's a spoiler, you haven't seen many sports movies.

Oh, and the comic relief is a fat, annoying, bratty kid who sounds about as 1913 as Eric Cartman.

"Screw you guys, I'm going home!"

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