The Grand Seduction


Action / Comedy

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Taylor Kitsch as Dr. Paul Lewis
Brendan Gleeson as Murray French
Anna Hopkins as Helen
Liane Balaban as Kathleen
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Reviewed by myl kavas 6 / 10

Missing a few sparks to build a fire

All the ingredients, through cast (one exception), direction, location and camera work, were present to make this English language remake of 'La Grande Seduction'(2003) a fine film, but the script tried to hold too close to the original and lost some of the elemental charm in translation.

Firstly, the romance fell short. I mean, the setting and characters were initially fine and the lens shots are gorgeous throughout. Truly the setting is primed for a rich story, but characters eventually(not the actors) seemed pasted and lacked the chemistry to achieve overall romance. If the scenes of Paul and Kathleen had been written better, and directed with care, a deeper tone would have surfaced. One that would have had their first meeting become a sticky thread that bound the narrative fabric, instead of simply creating a glaring conflict that literally was, in the end, resolved off screen (weak writing or production failure).

Secondly, if you are gonna translate another writers work, be creative without losing the essential elements. This story is charming through the gills (pun intended) and deserves more attention to details far beyond set design and actors. The direction could have been stronger had it paid closer attention to the idea and not the intent.

Cast was fun, Brendan was solid as usual, Taylor got it mostly. Oddly, I felt almost nothing from Liane beyond her strange, one-note blend of constantly pretty hostility. I could see her doing femme fatale roles much more suited to her skills and attitude, but not this role. Kinda iced it, really. Even the script was not to blame, there. Her last shot, fishing pole on shoulder, strolling on the beach with an almost stranger, looked entirely unnatural, forced. Giving more time and depth to their interactions would have gone further toward building a solid narrative. One more scene! As it ended, it sucks to be Paul, I guess. Ha ha.

The final shots were cute, but without closing the key romance, they felt tacked on, especially considering that they were inclusive to the opening (not closing) theme of the original film. Hollywood apparently was hoping the kids would be asleep before adding a splash of spice. Liberal insanity.

Oh, and also, the soundtrack, in comparison, was completely unremarkable. I can't recall a single note.

All in all, a well recommended film despite the poorly explored romantic elements.

The original, well, that's another story. Good night.

Reviewed by areatw 7 / 10

Subtle and slow but effective

I often enjoy subtle, gentle humour far more than the 'in your face' type that we see in too many films today. 'The Grand Seduction' is one of those films that relies on the audience to pick up on a lot of the humour, without trying desperately hard to get laughs.

The characters in the movie are very likable and the storyline is basic but enjoyable. I expected a slow movie and it certainly is, but appropriately slow given the plot and humour. Brendan Gleeson is particularly good in his role as he always seems to be.

An overall steady and subtle comedy movie that perhaps won't appeal to everybody, but I certainly enjoyed it.

Reviewed by suite92 6 / 10

Politics of scarcity in Newfoundland fishing village.

This is a remake of the French Canadian film Seducing Doctor Lewis (2003), original title La grande seduction, directed by Jean-Francoise Pouliot, filmed in New Brunswick.

The current film is set in the fictional fishing village of Tickle Head on the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. The film's opening details 'the way it used to be', with hard work, enough rewards, and life with a purpose. Then the movie jumps to the present, where all the able-bodied men are on welfare from the government. The sense of purpose, at least, has been lost.

Our protagonist, Murray, has been collecting welfare checks and losing self-esteem for some time. The mayor has a tentative deal with an oil sludge reclamation company, which will go forward provided the town has a resident physician. The mayor takes a job in Toronto; by arranged chance, he intercepts a physician, Paul Lewis, and blackmails him into coming to Tickle Head for a month.

While Paul is on the way, Murray and company spruce up the town to give Paul a good impression. The lies do not end there, not by any means.

Will their plan actually work?


Some of the bits are funny, such as the locals trying to learn cricket post haste. The principal actors gave good performances. The sentiment at the end was carried off fairly well.


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