The Good Dinosaur


Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Drama / Family / Fantasy / History

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 77%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 69%
IMDb Rating 6.7 10 83758


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Anna Paquin as Ramsey
Sam Elliott as Butch
Jeffrey Wright as Poppa
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eireanngobrach23 10 / 10

A seriously underrated movie

***WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS*** Don't believe all the bad reviews. People have sticks up their asses.

The only mistake Pixar made was releasing this 5 months or so after Inside Out. This movie pales in comparison. That being said, it's a good movie. My 4 year old loves it. It's not necessarily of the same caliber as the other Pixar movies (except Cars 2; you are all forgetting that one. It is by far the worst one.)

It's definitely dark and has some pretty adult elements, but it's not something a kid can't handle. It's not traumatic, by any means. Give your kids some credit. The whole theme of the movie is conquering fear, so it might do your kid some good to watch it. And stop saying it's a bad carbon copy of The Lion King just because the dad dies. How many times has that happened in other Disney movies? Stop it.

I'll just say watch it and see for yourself. No, it's not as good as Inside Out, but it's a solid movie, and it stands on its own. It's worth watching.

Reviewed by Matt Garner 7 / 10

Not Pixar's BEST, but still solid. All these LOW reviews are off.

The fact that this movie still holds a score of a 6.8 with hundreds of 1/10 scores shows you just how good it is. I'm not here to preach that it's an awesome movie, but give it the score it deserves. (It's not PIXAR's best, but still fits the bill of a good movie.)

Honestly the highly negative scores are just because people were not BLOWN away. A PIXAR movie sets the bar so high, so the fact that this one isn't an A+, people are bashing just to bash.

I watched this with my cousins, all at the time were under 10 ( 7 & 9 ) and nothing was too scary. Could it be over the top for 4 or 5 year old, of course, but it's not that bad. The Lion King is regarded as one of the BEST Disney films ever and there are similar scenes with death, scary bad-guys, hard times, etc.

Give it a watch.

Reviewed by Joseph W Dickson 10 / 10

A beautiful and powerful movie... especially for shy and/or insecure kids...

It's pretty amazing that so many people seem to want to trash this movie. I watched this with my 2 daughters and my 10 year old said it was the best movie she's ever seen. She identified with Arlo's anxiety and insecurity as she also feels this way sometimes. His journey in dealing with these issues by facing his fears and, even if sheepishly at first, challenging them one by one helped her to understand herself. It allowed her to see that others struggle and can overcome these struggles in a way she hadn't seen before... up close and personal. As a child and adolescent therapist in practice for over 16 years, I can definitively tell you that any movie that prompts a child to look into themselves... to challenge their fears... and ends with them hugging you tightly, is a true marvel to behold. It's the core of the emotional artistry that movies are meant to be. Having an emotional connection to a movie or any work of art for that matter, will always win out over special effects and beautiful backdrops. It's the reason Star Wars: A New Hope was brilliant and The Phantom Menace sucked. Anyone have any kind of emotional connection to The Phantom Menace these days?

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