The Good Catholic


Comedy / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dansview 6 / 10

Thoughtful but Lacking

Movies reflect the values of the people who make them. Most of those people are Liberal or even Leftist. So you get thousands of movies per year with a Liberal or Leftist perspective. One of those perspectives is that religion sucks.

Whenever I see Danny Glover listed in the cast of anything other than Lethal Weapon, I expect some kind of touchy-feely message.

Yet I would not consider this film anti-Catholic. Our main character is very earnest in wanting to serve both God and his congregation. He just struggles with his faith, like many people.

The three-man staff of the parish is meant to represent different potential versions of priests. One is old and conservative, one is old and a bit cynical and silly, but still committed, and one is young and confused.

To their credit the film makers did not make the old conservative one out to be a bad guy. No one molests children or does immoral things.

But what disturbed me was that the spoiled, cynical slacker-woman character is portrayed as the righteous one who teaches life lessons to the out-of-touch clergy. Yet her life is a mess. That part is typical Indie glorification of melancholia.

While the dialog hinted at profundity, it never quite gets there. The Glover character does challenge the silly woman, but he is made out to look rude, while she's the hipster.

Someone should have told the main young character to loosen up, instead of just implying it. Meanwhile someone should have told the woman that trendy self-pity and dishonesty are not becoming.

The Midwest college town setting and slow pace are refreshing compared to the typical L.A., New York, Chicago, Miami redundancy. But pregnant pauses and focused shots of a contemplative face do not create depth. The dialog still has to do its job.

Reviewed by maggied-32128 3 / 10

Great story, terrible ending!

When will film makers get it? The WHOLE movie is important! For any great story to be great, and this includes any story, from Shakespeare to Stephen King, The WHOLE story should be told! A beginning, a middle and an ending.

So often "cutting edge" film makers think they are being smart leaving an ending you have to work out for yourself.

Personally I wish this trend would cease and we could then get back to some good storytelling!

This film starts great, a wonderful story of a young priest and a lost young woman who needs guidance. I was hooked until the very last couple of minutes.

No, you have not given me something to ponder about! I am an adult with a life! I watch films like this for a little escapism and to feel good. I feel as though you stole my thunder!!! Instead of coming away feeling happy that these two young people have found each other and the loves of their lives, I have come away feeling jaded and resentful.

I wanted the kiss, the dream! Hell, if I wanted morals and to think about what's right I wouldn't be watching a movie. I'd be dealing with my own crap!!!!

Reviewed by adamkpl 1 / 10

Just wasted an hour and a half watching a predictable chick flick... Bad Catholic movie.

The first hour was mind numbingly slow. The ending was as predictable as any other random chick flick. From a production standpoint The Good Catholic leaves much to be desired. It's 2017 and we're still making movies about priests falling in love? I sort of expected something that would make me think a bit more. From a catholic perspective it's clear the movie is an attack on clerical celibacy and pre-k bible interpretation. From a critical perspective, please save your time and money and spend 90 minutes doing something else instead of watching this low budget, predictable, and theologically infantile made for TV movie.

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