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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bighebeal 9 / 10


Fans of Downey Sr. (which should be an enlarging group now that the box set of his early titles has appeared) should not miss this movie. It's Downey's humor all over the place, and it's a riot. The non-Downey parts -- the stuff about 'the miserable life of Chuck Barris' -- is just as appealing, in its way; it's great cult trashola. Moreover, Barris, who'd never convince anyone that he was a genuine actor, has great charm, and projects a sense of distance and disbelief that works very well as we watch him bouncing off the madness.

Granted, it helps if you remember the awful TV series, but I don't think it's an absolute necessity. You're probably better off watching "Chafed Elbows" or "Putney Swope" first... if those tickle you, you're ready for this.

Perhaps the movie's strangest quality is how undated it is: watch one episode of "America's Got Talent" and you're right back in the Gong Show era. It's an odd statement about our country -- or maybe contemporary civilization -- that can we watch this stuff without retching, but in any case, we can, and could, at least as far back as the '70's.

I must say I do find it hard to believe that Downey did not actually direct at least parts of this; Barris is the only director credited, but the atmosphere of much of it is Downey through-and-through. Yippee!

Reviewed by JasonIK75 10 / 10

Absolutely Insane- The Missing Link Between Ed Wood and "Reality TV"

I was born in 1975 so I was too young to have ever seen "The Gong Show" on TV, though I found several clips on YouTube. For those who are not familiar with it, try to imagine "America's Got Talent" minus anyone who is in any way marketable. Chuck Barris created the TV show and wrote and directed this movie that mixes footage that was censored from the original TV show with a storyline about Barris trying to escape the show while battling both the network censors and the talentless losers who want to be on it. Barris staggers through the film in a way that suggests what Tim Burton's "Ed Wood" might have been like if it had focused on Wood's post-Lugosi decline into alcohol and soft-core porn movies and novels. I should point out that I didn't laugh so much as just stare in stunned amazement at the acts. Some of this stuff is infamous and you've probably at least heard of them if not seen edited versions. The acts are presented in a rapid-fire montage style that predates MTV by a year. It's not for everyone, but if you've got an open mind, it is worth seeing.

Reviewed by buby1987 1 / 10

Worst Film Of All Time? Quite Possibly.

I saw this terrible film when it was released in 1980. I couldn't believe how bad it was -- and I went in with low expectations.

I saw the last half again on cable last night, and the film was just as bad as I remember.

Chuck Barris's acting style, as such, is to look at the ground and mutter to himself and shake his head -- every five seconds. Chuck Barris the director has given himself a juicy role and lots (lots and lots) of close ups. The actress playing Barris' long-suffering girlfriend is photographed like she is playing Beetle Bailey -- you never see her eyes, for the hair hanging over her forehead, or the floppy hats that hide her eyes.

The narrative strategy of this film is to repeat the following situation -- strangers accost Barris and do impromptu and unwanted auditions for The Gong Show. Barris invariably looks at the ground, shakes his head and mutters to himself.

During the prolonged finale, which attempts to be a Fellini-esque parade of grotesques, Barris looks at the ground, shakes his head and mutters to himself -- a lot.

I can understand the feeling.

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