The Golden Blade


Action / Adventure

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Rock Hudson as Harun
Piper Laurie as Khairuzan
Anita Ekberg as Handmaiden
Guy Williams as Town Crier
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 2 / 10

This is pretty awful stuff

"The Golden Blade" is an embarrassingly bad film. The most notable thing is that NO ONE belongs in the film, as it's set in ye olde Baghdad--but it's filled with the whitest actors Universal Pictures could find! They hired the likes of Rock Hudson, Piper Laurie, George Macready and Gene Evans to play Middle Eastern Muslims--and I wonder why they didn't also include Wally Cox and Phyllis Diller as well! Now had the only problem been the casting, it could have still been a nice little adventure film. However, the dialog and characters simply suck. No one talks like real people and the dialog sounds like a 12 year-old's conception of olde tyme talking! Additionally, the characters are amazingly one-dimensional. The worst is the anachronistic Princess (Laurie) who acts like a spoiled child...and a rather annoying one at that. The film is dumb and probably offensive to anyone from that region. I can understand why this film is relatively unknown today--it deserves to be that way.

Reviewed by silverscreen888 8 / 10

Lively, physically beautiful, with delightful comedy and John Rich's script

Young Piper Laurie and handsome newcomer Rock Hudson were both featured to great advantage in this clearly-plotted and lively adventure-comedy. Imaginative veteran Nathan Juran directs very accurately and imaginatively, and the acting by George Macready as the ambitious villain, aided by Gene Evans (not quite up to a classical accent) and Kathleen Hughes and that of their opponents played by Edgar Barrier, the crafty Stephen Geray and others is above average for any genre. Adding to the fun is lovely Laurie impersonating a boy, a mysterious magic sword (which in lesser hands would have been a detriment) and its magical unwillingness to obey other than a virtuous owner. There is a prolonged sequence when various magicians attempt to remove the sword--which Macready needs to claim the throne--that has become embedded in a wall, and more physically colorful and beautifully-realized scenes than in any ten mean-streets melodramas of the post 1970s. If you do not fall in love with the spirited Khairozan, as Hudson does in the film, then you are probably dead. If you cannot delight in this youthful and stirring adventure of a bygone era, you had best give Grecianized Near-Easterns, our richest adventure genre in so many ways, a consistent miss.

Reviewed by SimonJack 7 / 10

Rock Hudson as a swashbuckler is OK

Who could picture in their minds Rock Hudson swinging from drapes, jumping over balconies, or subduing the sultan's guards with his sword? But that's just what Universal gives us in "The Golden Blade." He's surely not on the scale of Errol Flynn, Ty Power, or Stu Granger, but Hudson does a nice swashbuckling turn here.

The Golden Blade is a light-hearted movie of fiction set in a mythical Baghdad. It has some skulduggery that is usual for these desert tales of the mid-20th century. Hudson's physical trysts combine with the energy and rebelliousness of a princess (Piper Laurie) who is always sneaking off to see the world outside the palace. And to do good turns with the people that endear them to her.

The plot isn't complicated and the script is just average. The color, cinematography and costumes add to the enjoyment of the movie. It's not serious filmmaking, but the cast seem as though they are enjoying their craft. Viewers should do likewise. Just sit back and enjoy the color, action, humor and romance of this light but entertaining film.

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