The Gold Rush


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Family / Romance / Western

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Charles Chaplin as The Lone Prospector
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Reviewed by TobinTelleran 9 / 10

Amazing Chaplin Delivers

It is truly amazing that Chaplin is able to deliver such a remarkable performance and tell a great tale through acting and visuals alone.

There are some truly great scenes where he brings all of his skill to light.

At 135 mins I thought that this was going to be a slog but the pacing is perfect and the story is intriguing.

Chaplin's best film in my opinion.

Reviewed by Antonius Block 10 / 10


Chaplin's masterpiece has it all - brilliant slapstick, endearing pathos, dangerous adventure, and an improbable romance besides. Here The Tramp is in the Klondike during the gold rush in the 1890's, and while he hardly looks or acts like a prospector, we identify with him as he endures hardship, befriends 'Big Jim' (Mack Swain), survives close quarters with the murderous Black Larsen (Tom Murray), falls for a woman who toys with him (Georgia Hale), and puts up with her bullying boyfriend (Malcolm Waite).

The New Year's Eve scene is incredibly touching, both in The Tramp's humiliation when he's stood up by his date and listens forlornly to the celebration in the nearby dance hall, but also in the faces Chaplin (as director) puts the camera on while 'Auld Lang Syne' is being sung. It truly is one of the best scenes you'll ever see - and on that same evening, while the Tramp dreams of entertaining his guests, he does his "dinner roll dance", a brilliant, iconic moment in cinema. I also love the scene where he and Big Jim eat one of his shoes after boiling it - Chaplin more enthusiastically, really digging in as if it were a piece of meat, and as if the nails were thin bones. There are also some wonderfully dark moments when out of starvation Big Jim imagines the Tramp as a giant chicken and comes at him with an axe. Throughout it all, Chaplin is so sweet and charming, and we root for him as the underdog while laughing at his innovative humor. Truly deserving of its reputation, and an absolute joy to watch.

Reviewed by gea-79784 7 / 10

A Classic Chaplin Flick

I'm not a very big fan of silent films, but Gold Rush was funny enough to hold my attention for the whole film. Charlie Chaplin revises his famous role of the little tramp, this time he's out to make it big in the Alaskan gold rush. Chaplin is just exquisite as always, he's so good at acting and being funny using just his movements and mannerisms. He works especially well alongside Mack Swain who plays another prospector. The scenes where Swain sees Chaplin as a giant chicken so he chases him in circles around the cabin are hysterical. This is where the film shines and is the best utilization i have seen of a silent film.

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