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Jacqueline McKenzie as Jane Chandler
Myles Pollard as Matt Chandler
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tonymac-54085 7 / 10

enjoyable ,very watchable and interesting

This was great for a low budget movie , it never had a dull moment , was interesting throughout and the film flew by which is always a good sign ,,i loved the main lady character you could really connect with her and in all a very enjoyable and thought provoking movie , ignore the reviews picking holes in this movie i think they must be living in a parallel universe watching a different movie to knock this entertaining film ,

Reviewed by markphilo 6 / 10

Had it's moments

Like time travel / dimensions jumps story lines? Well this is worth a watch.

For a little Aussie movie this is a pleasant Sunday afternoon watch.

Story line is compelling enough as it gets you thinking about what they are doing and berating the characters for some of their decisions.

Not bad acting throughout.

Don't know if the writers have EVER been to development lab, but my God (!) what kind of security do they have on site!!

Dunno if the final scene twist was necessary, but that's for viewers to decide.

Reviewed by bvsdark 10 / 10

Awesome movie!

I liked the plot, yes a movie without hollywood special effects but definitelly worth to see. Give at least 20 minutes to the movie to allow it to hook you up.

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