The Game Plan


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Dwayne Johnson as Joe Kingman
Ashley Tisdale as Maddie Fitzpatrick
Paige Turco as Karen Kelly
Morris Chestnut as Travis Sanders
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Reviewed by adonis98-743-186503 10 / 10

The Rock owns this kind of films..

An NFL quarterback living the bachelor lifestyle discovers that he has an 8-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. The Game Plan is another great Family film for the whole family and works thanks to The Rock's and Madison Petti's chemistry that is adorable, dramatic and hilarious when it needs to be plus the film sends some great messages about Parenting and loving your kids and being there for them which is the classic Disney Magic as always. (10/10)

Reviewed by huggibear 7 / 10

Excellent film from Disney! I loved it!

I thought this was a nice, lighthearted-ed and enjoyable movie. It is well- acted. And Roselyn Sanchez plays the 'hot' ballet teacher too! It's hard to really say much more for this movie because it's pretty cut and dry that's it's worthy watching, especially for young ones and families. It warmed my heart for sure. Give it a go and I'm certain it will warm yours as well.

Reviewed by jimbo-53-186511 8 / 10

A cleaner, cuter and funnier alternative to Big Daddy

Joe 'The King' Kingman (Dwayne Johnson) is a star NFL Quarterback whom is also their most valuable player. He lives his life as a bachelor and only cares about three things in life; American Football, Elvis, and himself. However, his very bachelor existence is turned on its head when 8 year old Peyton Kelly (Madison Pettis) arrives at his bachelor pad claiming to be his daughter.

When watching The Game Plan it reminded me a lot of Big Daddy; a selfish immature adult finds themselves having to look after a child and for the most part the adult does a pretty bad job at being a parent. Whilst I quite enjoyed Big Daddy, I have to admit that pound for pound this film was funnier than Big Daddy purely because the laughter and emotions felt earned and more honest and once again I liked the way that some filmmakers can make films funny without having to resort to crassness or vulgarity.

Of course, the biggest selling point with this film is the wonderful chemistry between Dwayne Johnson and his young co-star. The former is good here and is very convincing in the early stages as a selfish bachelor and is also good throughout the narrative as he slowly begins to learn that there are more important things in the world than merely himself and American Football. Johnson is good value in his usual tough-talking persona but as with the likes of Vin Diesel in The Pacifier and Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten Cop he's also a man that isn't afraid to make a bit of a fool of himself (in a good way) and I really liked that about an actor. A good example of this is in the scene where he dismisses ballet as being easy and not being a sport and then in the next scene he's pouring with sweat and ends up in a lot of pain (which results in him struggling to do his warm up training for football). Likewise, Madison Pettis is more than just a cute kid here and actually puts in a very strong performance - she doesn't rely on cuteness to get by and is never annoying. She's a sassy, smart and thoughtful girl who likes ballet and listen to Tchiakowsky and therefore is everything that her father isn't - their chalk and cheese nature is worked to good effect here and there is never a dull moment when Pettis and Johnson are sharing screen time. The supporting cast were all good and it did help that this film had the delectable Rosalyn Sanchez whom I was quite happy just to stare at during the film's running time.

One thing that could have sunk this film was Johnson's character; selfish and uncaring individuals will usually ruin films for me, but with Johnson's character I kind of felt that he had been groomed that way and found it hard to switch off - you could see he wasn't a total monster even in the early stages so I still found him to be fairly likable.

There is a twist to the story thrown in later in the film (presumably in order to not make the film entirely predictable), but it's a twist that some may see coming.

The Game Plan is a very funny and enjoyable film made better by two very strong performances by Dwayne Johnson and Madison Pettis. As already mentioned, Johnson makes the film funnier by acting the fool and not taking himself seriously and Pettis is more than just a cute kid and does give an actual 'performance' and bounces well off Johnson. A solid film that in my opinion is slightly better than its rating suggests.

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