The Game


Action / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 71%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 84%
IMDb Rating 7.8 10 302274


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Tommy Flanagan as Solicitor / Taxi Driver
Sean Penn as Conrad Van Orton
Michael Douglas as Nicholas Van Orton
Spike Jonze as Airbag EMT Beltran
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by AnusPresley 7 / 10

Not the best Fincher, nor the worst.

This is a long way from Fincher's best - but nor is it his worst. It is still better than _Benjamin Button_, with its infinite budget and Kubrick-style obsessive perfectionism.

I don't want to discuss the film content - just what it was. This is like an extended Twilight Zone episode, with twist upon gotcha upon twist. While these were good, they weren't mind-blowing. The best descriptor is "competent". As far as his film's go, it's in my second tier of his selections along with _Panic Room_. Competent but not extraordinary. That said, it's still leaps above your typical Hollywood barf. Fincher managed to snag Michael Douglas for this, one would assume on the tails of the much superior _Se7en_from 2 years prior. That's a minus for me - I find it hard to take Douglas films seriously.

But I nitpick. By general standards this is superb viewing for stay-at-home, night in popcorn viewing. It engrosses and keeps your attention. As such I do recommend. But by Fincher standards, it's pretty mediocre, nowhere near the heights he reaches in _Fight Club_, _Zodiac_ or _Gone Girl_. It's still well worth viewing.

Reviewed by denzil-09434 1 / 10

Could not get to the end

I waited an hour for anything credible to happen in this movie. It didn't. The second hour may well be genius but I will never know. I'd like to ask any of those leaving positive reviews: If you found a giant ventriloquist's dummy on your lawn would you bring it in the house and watch TV with it? No? Me neither. Say you did. When you found out it had a camera in it wouldn't you tell it to f**k off, throw it out and go to bed? I would.

To be a thriller the premise must be at least a little bit credible. This is less believable, less gripping and less thrilling than Police Academy V.

Reviewed by colinscouser-05442 8 / 10

With respect to Remington Steele

Michael Douglas' performance superbly holds this film together. Now matter how ludicrous the plot becomes - and it does become ludicrous - Douglas plays it so that he and the audience together are none the wiser and piece it together at the same speed.

Although it seemed highly original to me at first, in fact its plot owes a lot to the 1984 Remington Steele episode 'Elementary Steele'. The fact that punters have paid £500 to a business so as to take part in 'The Game' where a mystery is laid out for them around the city to solve; the fact that it starts to look like a scam; that the punters (playing Holmes and Watson) chase someone who they think is part of The Game but she protests she is not, and says she is just an actress, when she clearly knows more than she is letting on; plus. gunshots fired (at Remington Steele) in the street turn out to be blanks because the gun is part of the Game; plus, when Remington Steele visits the business's offices (doing his detective there), he finds almost no-one and nothing in the room (basic office furniture); etc, etc. All these things are developed in the Michael Douglas film, turning a light romp into a dark thriller that keeps you guessing. Highly entertaining and tense. It's increasingly less and less plausible but Douglas keeps you believing, just.

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