The Full Monty


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Tom Wilkinson as Gerald
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Reviewed by areatw 7 / 10

Chuffin' great British humour

'The Full Monty' is a very funny 90s comedy with some classic British humour. It achieves most of its laughs through the hilarious dialogue and awkward friendship between the 6 main characters. The main two, played by Robert Carlyle and Mark Addy, are very funny together - a dumb but likable duo who can't seem to get anything right.

Despite the silly plot, this is a film with a big heart. It's easy to sympathise with the characters and their situation, especially Carlyle's character who just needs to make a quick buck so he can continue seeing his son. This is a very old-school comedy but it remains funny to this day. Anybody who likes British humour who hasn't seen 'The Full Monty' should definitely give it a watch.

Reviewed by Prismark10 7 / 10

You can keep your hat on

The Full Monty is a charming feel good comedy but with dark undertones. Sheffield might had been once a city on the move thanks to its steel industry but by the 1990s it was facing industrial ruin. The factories were closing.

Gary (Robert Carlyle) is unemployed and behind his child maintenance payments. With his best friend Dave (Mark Addy) he is reduced to stealing steel girders for spare cash.

When they stumble upon women lining up at a working men's club to see The Chippendales, they hit upon the idea of doing their own strip show but go fully naked.

They get a group of six together but they really cannot dance and some of them do not have the physique. Only Gerald (Tom Wilkinson) their former foreman has dance training and sets about teaching the rest the dance moves.

As time goes on the men bond as they deal with issues such as being in debt, without a job or relationship problems.

In some ways the film was inspired by The Boys from the Blackstuff without too much of the black comedy and grimness although it does have raw and rowdy humour.

Robert Carlyle does a good northern accent more chipper than Chippendale who is confident until the time to start the show comes. Mark Addy and Hugo Speer became well known faces after this film. Horse played by Paul Barber is good fun as the veteran disco dancer.

Reviewed by suewarren-74680 9 / 10

A superior film

This film was just shown on BBC1 in honour of its 20th anniversary of release, and it deserves it. It's charming, very funny, touching, and speaks to the reality of being unemployed with little chance of employment in a depressed economy. It should be soul-destroying, yet these men keep trying and, ultimately, succeed.

*big spoiler warning* What I love most is that they don't suddenly turn into the world's best dancers/strippers. That's not what it's all about. It's about friendship, fatherhood, marriage and unexpected love.

Such a lovely film with a sensational soundtrack as a bonus. I seriously hope Hollywood won't try to turn it into a 'feel-good' movie with model-pretty actor/dancers. *shudder*

The actors here are completely believable as ordinary, working class men just trying to survive. Robert Carlyle is, as always, amazing. Probably best known now as Rumplestiltskin in 'Once Upon a Time', his acting history is impeccable, as is his Yorkshire accent. Like David Tennant, another Scot, he is a chameleon. I look forward to seeing everything he does.

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