The Food of the Gods


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Ralph Meeker as Bensington
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Jon Cypher as Brian
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Reviewed by classicsoncall 4 / 10

"Being punished 'cause we sinned against nature!"

Well, you have to give Bert Gordon credit here for at least one thing. As the Iron Man of this picture, he not only directed, produced and wrote the screenplay, but also had a hand in the special visual effects. I hope he was paid well for his efforts.

As for the picture, boy oh boy, you can't get much cheesier. You know, you couldn't really get a sense of proportion as to how big those killer rats actually were. The one that attacked Mrs. Skinner (Ida Lupino) through the window of her cabin was just as big as she was, while at other times the perspective offered changed with each object they were swarming next to. I guess it doesn't matter for a flick like this, but it was something quite noticeable.

Noticeable too was the goofy body spasms of the lead actor Marjoe Gortner. Gosh, what was he tripping on? Watch him when he picks up a rifle at any time to shoot at the attacking rodents, he looked like Elaine in that 'Seinfeld' episode dancing at the party. Really, it was quite embarrassing.

As with another Bert Gordon giganto fest from the following year, "Empire of the Ants", this one is riddled with continuity gaffes and mistakes that provide plenty of camp value for the discerning viewer. How about the old dead guy, Mr. Skinner, after he's killed by the rats - his closed eye flutters as the varmints haul him away. Then there's that moment when Morgan (Gortner) and Brian (Jon Cypher) put their rifles away in a wooden crate on the jeep, but when they arrive where the rats are swarming by the river, they pull their weapons directly out of the vehicle.

I don't know, there must have been some reason Ida Lupino decided to take part in this monstrosity, one can only guess. Just like Joan Collins showing up in "Empire of the Ants", maybe they needed the money. One can only imagine what they thought of while reading the moronic script - Yeah, this could be a real career changer.

And then, right in the middle of the horror fest with the rats, and the fires, and the rats and the flood, and the rats - the gal Lorna (Pamela Franklin) says to Gortner's Morgan - "I want to make love to you". You know, I actually saw that coming and was hoping please, no, that would just be too stupid. But once again, the script didn't let me down.

Only one thing left on my mind now which I'm sure nobody can rightfully answer. The container of 'ambrosia' on the counter in Mrs. Skinner's kitchen had the letters 'F.O.T.G.' hand written on a piece of paper stuck to the jar. Why? Did the Skinners literally know that the stuff inside was actually The Food of The Gods?

Reviewed by Theo Robertson 4 / 10

Those Chickens Tried To Kill Me

As a child I do remember reading HG Wells novel THE FOOD OF THE GOODS . I can't remember much about it apart from a few giant chickens running amok and heavy political satire. Round about the same time a film version was trailed on television but there was no way I could see it because the local Rothesay cinema had just closed and the film was an X certificate which meant I was far too young to be allowed in to a cinema showing. When the video era came in to being circa the early 80s didn't recall it being available on home video and unlike other adaptations of Wells work it seems forgotten almost as it never existed in the first place.

One good thing about living in 2017 is it's very easy tracking movies down so gave this movie a go Well to be fair to the producers they have got a couple of things right. One is human arrogance digging itself a grave which is often motivated by a greedy elite. Of course the downside is that these people are painted in very broad strokes and are far from three dimensional people you'd meet in the real world. There's also gaps in internal logic in that the mutated giant animals going on a rampage are confined to three types of animals namely rats , wasps and chickens . What about other wild mammals , birdlife or arachnids ?

To be fair there is some very lowbrow enjoyment watching a film where the hero is almost pecked to death by a giant chicken then complaining "These chickens tried to kill me" I'd be very upset too if it happened to me. And if that's not bad enough he ends up stuck in a shack with giant hungry rats outside. In short THE FOOD OF THE GODS almost satisfies a hunger for brainless fun. Almost

Reviewed by Julian R. White 5 / 10

Don't judge a book by its cover.

I had a lot of problems with this film, mostly because its nowhere near what you'd expect. The "Food" that is causing all of the animals to grow to incredible sizes affects Bees, Worms, and other animals on the island. The main threat however, are the giant rats, that prey on humans. The first parts of the film are pretty good, but after the halfway point, the film tends to drag itself out a bit. Don't get me wrong, this movie is way better than some of the other giant rat movies I've seen, playing on the natural fear of rodents. What makes it worse is that it is psychologically trying (but telling you why would include spoilers).

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