The Flowers of War


Action / Drama / History / Romance / War

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 42%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 74%
IMDb Rating 7.6 10 44158


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Christian Bale as John Miller
Paul Schneider as Terry
Ni Ni as Yu Mo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by William 10 / 10

Great story -- Dreadful, Terrible, Don't turn away -- Experience this Story!

History or inspired by events can be more than imagination or art. This is one such story, in the telling; ask .."Why War?!" Ever! Never! The English word for this film is two-edged: Tragedy / Redemption / Pathos

... and * brilliance * Are they three(?), of course -- Because it is just ONE thing. They "label" you apply, is such and such of your own experience.

A friend of mine, discovered around the time she was the same age as these school girls in this film, that her mother needed to escape China; and had been Forced to leave two half-sisters that my friend never, ever knew.

I believe my friend learned this from an aunt or cousin but never found the right time to broach the subject with her mother (now passed-on).

No one says things -- BUT -- This experience is Too Common by far(!); I've heard tell from Polish, Norweigens, and even Germans & Italians (yes! Even!), Chinese, Korean, Malays, Philipines ... A HUMAN Story.

Today we have Daesh!

"When will we ever learn" ~ Peter, Paul and Mary

Reviewed by RocDot 2 / 10

Sorry, but GONG!

I mean, really? Come on! Even if you took the 'advanced' course of Evelyn Wood speed-reading to try and keep up with the ADHD hyperactive captions, forget it! I just found it all too unbelievable, aside how the little China females buzz about in their typical high-pitched silly, fidgety, excited, frantic, frenetic, frenzied, adrenalized, fever-pitched chatter. "Got Sedative?" Sheesh. For it to be any good in this country is would have to be dubbed in English. No one here wants to sit through turbocharged caffeinated pumped captions!!

Reviewed by mettafriend 10 / 10

10/10. Incredible. One of a kind story.

Are you kidding me? 7/10 or whatever the popular vote was? This is a classic. 10/10. If you liked "Empire of the Sun," one of Christian Bale's earliest film roles, or "The Pianist," and/or have an affinity for real human tragedy and depths of compassion and integrity that can blossom from the lowest of human intentions - then please, watch this! For American viewers, this film offers the opportunity to step into the shoes of others who have suffered in war and at the hand of foreign invaders. Great job Christian Bale and the many Chinese actors and actresses who made this film believable!

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