The Fitzgerald Family Christmas


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 64%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rich Wright 6 / 10

An advert against large families...

SPOILERS So, this film was partly financed by 'American Express'? How does THAT work out? Anyway, the main gist here is a VERY large family of Irish American siblings getting together for the festive period. Most have very complicated personal lives, as well as big relationship problems. Their parents have been separated for years... After their father ran off decades ago because he suddenly became a millionaire.

Now, he has terminal pancreatic cancer... And wants one last special day with his loved ones. His former wife is totally against it... And who can blame her? Their grown-up children have varying opinions... Some desperately want to see him again regardless of past sins... Others have no interest in renewing their acquaintance of such a thoughtless man, whatever the circumstances.

The question of will-they or won't-they spend the festive period as one takes place amongst a backdrop of chaos and angst. Over the course of 100 minutes, ties will be mended, started or shattered forever. There is a slight soap-operaish air seeing all these travails unfold, and the film successfully involves us in the drama. With a couple of exceptions, the performances are all on point, capturing the mood of a loving, but feuding family during a very stressful time of the year.

Of course, it all ends with a slow motion pan over a necessarily large table... With everyone together, smiling and laughing while nodding at each other, subtly forgiving of past sins. You can always rely on the Yanks to bring out the schmaltz eventually... 6/10

Reviewed by Amy Adler 8 / 10

Not as light-hearted as some of Burns' work, but very insightful; great testimony to the power of forgiveness

Gerald Fitzgerald (Edward Burns, who also wrote, directed and produced this gem) has been the family peacemaker and caretaker for a long time. As the eldest of seven siblings, Gerry took over the role of parent when the father took off twenty years ago. Mother Rosie (Anita Gillette) was devastated and still very bitter. Although all of the kids are now adults, there has never been a family dinner that includes both natural parents. Rosie won't hear of it. So, for two decades, the Fitzgerald clan of three sons and four daughters has seen Dad on and off but always have Holiday celebrations with Rosie. Now, this year is different. Father Skip-out has terminal cancer and he wants Gerald to arrange for the whole family to be together for the Christmas meal. Gerry hoped to talk to the sibs at their mother's birthday dinner, on the 23rd. But, the brothers and sisters started canceling out. One just got out of rehab, one has an abusive husband, one is married to a Jewish man who wants his wife to spend time with HIS family and so on. However, once the kids know about their Dad's condition, they join forces to convince Mother to forgive her ex, at least for a day. Also chiming in are the family priest and a close neighbor lady. Meanwhile, Gerry has met a nice home health aide, Nora (Connie Britton) who is the first woman he has really connected to since the death of his fiancé. Will this be the season of the true spirit of Christ's love? This sharp, insightful movie has its funny moments but deals more often with very serious subjects. What else would anyone expect from the terrific writer/director Edward Burns? The cast is quite large and does fine work, including Burns himself in a pivotal role. The setting in and around Manhattan are Burns' favorites as well. Here is a flick that would set the stage for a family gathering of peace and love, even if your family is enduring quite a bit of upheaval. Isn't that what most long for at holiday times?

Reviewed by MattyGibbs 6 / 10

A Christmas film. With Swearing.

With such an awful title I watched this expecting the usual safe and predictable Christmas movie. In fact in some ways it is quite a bizarre Christmas movie. There are some adult themes, a bit of sex and plenty of swearing.

It is quite a hard film to get into as there are so many characters. My head was spinning each scene as more and more are added. However against the odds this just adds to the unique charm of this movie. The acting is good throughout, the writing is crisp and there are plenty of light moments to offset the serious issues raised.

I watched this with my wife and we both enjoyed it and if you're prepared for a slightly strange but enjoyable Christmas film then this is for you.

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