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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by framptonhollis 8 / 10

impressive film debut

This brief feature film debut from Anna Rose Holmer is among the most interesting and enjoyable independent films of 2016. At first, the film was a bit slow and didn't seem to be going anymore, but once the plot kicked in I was very pleased. After watching the entire film, I am grateful for the slow build up because of its moodiness and great introduction to the characters and setting. The only reason the slow moving atmosphere is a flaw in my eyes is because I thought that the whole film was going to be that plot less, and that, in the end, it would have had no climax, conflict, etc. But it does have a climax, and it does have a conflict. At its core, the film is a powerful little tale about fitting in. Its charming, beautifully filmed, and at times ingeniously unsettling.

The only real flaw was how wooden some of the child actors were. At times, certain performances kind of ruined the film's realistic vibe.However, the characters were likable and their struggles were well executed and written enough for these performances not to completely ruin the experience. But, other than that this was a really impressive little film debut that really has me believing that this first time filmmaker will be going places!

Reviewed by Junknasti 6 / 10

Fascinating but confusing

Why I want to love this movie: -The acting was fantastic! I love movies with unknown and amazing talent. One of the interesting things about the acting was that you only really ever got to see and hear from the teens in the movie. All the adults are nameless, faceless (mostly), and all around useless/unimportant. That was very novel and interesting to watch that way. -Fascinating plot with very little dialogue. -Simplistic yet stunning directing and filming. The simplicity made everything that happened in the film important. Example: The main character Toni will just be walking in a scene and the camera will be focused on her, but there is so much going on in the background all the time. Keeping the camera focused on her even when she isn't doing anything except walking, gives the viewer time to notice what is going on in the background.

Why I just can't give this more stars: -Too short! I normally don't notice how long a movie is, but this was so short that it felt like the movie wasn't over yet. -What is happening? Why is it happening? Why just girls? What was the dance scene towards the end? Is the theme about fitting in? Is it supernatural? Is it coming of age? ENDLESS questions! I generally enjoy movies that leave the viewer with questions and that make the viewer think, but this one was SO open ended it was frustrating. There was pretty much zero closure. WARNING SPOILERS: You think you know what is going on towards the beginning; the girls are pregnant and are suffering the side effects in an extreme way. As the movie continues, all the girls, even the ones too young to be pregnant get the fits (did they all just get their period? Yet ANOTHER question). Then Toni has a vision, floats towards the other girl, then also has a fit. Finish the movie with a slight smile and a confused look on my face.

I would love if a film professional could examine this movie, because I think there is more going on than my tiny brain can understand. Overall, fantastic movie but I'm not so sure it will be on my repeat watching list.

Reviewed by michaelwood-96659 7 / 10

"Clap Back Call"

The Fits features a very clever central idea, depending on how you interpret it of course. Unfortunately, it is just this idea, and it doesn't entirely have a way of pushing it forward.

That's a slightly harsh statement to make generally. Narratively, I think the film struggles to find a way to push it's central premise forward. They have fits, and figuring out how and why they're happening is more a job for the viewer than the screenplay. It makes for an interesting film, although personally I would have liked to have seen it explored on a wider level.

This film was made for less than $200k. That's a lot of money in the real world, but in the film industry that's a remarkably low budget. You'd never have guessed, however. The film is gorgeous to look at, partly down to the crisp lighting and partly down to some fantastic framing and focus. The cinematography really is the highlight of this film. It's also not just used for style - the cinematography does seem to be helping the film form its tone and style as well.

Some people have given great acclaim to this film, and I can absolutely appreciate why. It *just* misses the great level for me, but to discourage people from watching this would be wrong. It's an indie film with many admirable features and some exciting originality, but it just doesn't quite have enough meat on its bones.

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