The Fall of the Krays


Action / Crime

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 57%
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Nicola Stapleton as Violet Kray
Adrian Bouchet as Frank
Simon Cotton as Ronnie Kray
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 3 / 10

A B-movie embarrassment

THE FALL OF THE KRAYS is the sequel to THE RISE OF THE KRAYS and another low rent slice of British crime. These two films are B-movie retellings of the famous Kray story, released to cash in on the renewed popularity of the storyline following in the wake of the Tom Hardy film LEGEND. These B-movies are huge disappointments, failing to offer up anything new and also failing to convince in the process. There are barely any outdoor sequences because the budget didn't stretch to much in the way of 1960s-era authenticity, and all of the set locations look bare and fake. The no-name cast fail to pass muster and the two actors playing Reggie and Ronnie fail to look like them and fail to give worthwhile performances too. They're also way too young. The script is below par and offers some really embarrassing trite dialogue along the way. For my money, the Martin/Gary Kemp version of the story is still the definitive version to go for.

Reviewed by Neil Grant 1 / 10


Both of these films were dreadful. In the 2nd film when Cornell got shot by Ron where was the jukebox the sun ain't gonna shine anymore was playing when that happened but not in the film. The boys who played them were awful never looked like the twins at all. I have followed the twins and worked alongside Charlie Kray. I knew the krays through writing to them . I have read the books. Maybe the person who did this film should have done the same. NOT A PATCH ON TOM HARDY'S VERSION WHICH IS THE BEST EVER KRAY FILM. If you think different fair enough but everyone has there right to have an opinion and that is my total opinion. I thought the original Kray film was good but Tom Hardy is the best by far

Reviewed by Essex_Rider 1 / 10

A total waste of of camera time.

What a load of garbage. I just wasted nearly two hours of my life watching this junk. Not only was it low budget, it was low everything. Low quality acting, characterisation, scripting and just about everything else I can think of.

How the heck this ever made it through to distribution I will never know. My only other regret is that I have to give it at least 1 star, whereas zero or even a negative would have been more appropriate.

I can only assume this will languish in the video rental charts for a while before finally disappearing without trace. It is without a doubt, the worst movie ever made.

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