The Facts of Life


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George Clooney as George Burnett
Mayim Bialik as Jennifer Cole
Molly Ringwald as Molly Parker
Juliette Lewis as Terry Rankin

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Reviewed by gerry-russell-139 8 / 10

a great show for kids growing up

I watched "The Facts of Life" Saturday nights on NBC while I was growing up and I looked forward to each and every episode. When the show ended I cried and thought "How will I ever get along without them?" Well, I had totally forgotten the reruns that had been playing in the afternoons for the past four years. So I was happy re-watching the old shows. In 1994 I heard about the "Facts" marathon on USA network and I had to tape it. It was commemorating the 15th anniversary of the shows original starting date (back in 1979-the year I was born). The marathon was hosted by Mindy Cohn (Natalie), Charlotte Rae (Mrs. Garrett) and Lisa Welchel (Blair). All three of them shared memories of what it was like working on the set and what each of them had been doing since the show had ended. It was great seeing how well all three of them had gotten on with their lives. It was too bad that Nancy McKeon (Jo), Kim Fields (Tootie), Sherrie Krenn (Pippa), Cloris Leachman (Beverly Ann), Pamela Segall (Kelly), George Clooney (George) and MacKenzie Astin (Andy) didn't come on the show too. I still watch that video recording every once and a while (about once or twice a year; especially around the holiday season) and I'm so glad that I taped it. My favorite episode (which, unfortunately, wasn't included in the marathon) was the one where they were running a pizza take-out service which was a total disaster...especially when Natalie lost control and got flour all over the room and on everyone else. I am hoping that USA will start re-running the show again soon. They were last year. What happened?

Reviewed by videorama-759-859391 3 / 10

Cheesy eighties diiaster, and that's a fact

FOL was really a cheesy spin off to what was a fine t.v. sitcom. That's the sad failing about this show of talentless and an unattractive cast. If you can get this, they didn't think George Clooney was eye catching at the time, when he did a stint in the show, which was a waste of that guys talents. Apart from Nancy Mckeon's feisty character Jo, the rest of the characters, you couldn't care one stink about. Lisa Whelchel's character, the bossy and prissy Claire was fun too, bit there were moments I really wanted to strangle her. The show was low on laughs too, each episode forgettable as the last. The show was set in a boarding school, run by, guess who, the popular Mrs Garrett. The show dealt with a lot of dramatic issues, the blows we suffer, of teen angst, that sort of thing, but none really that caught our attention. One show, I distinctly remember was Kim Field's character, trying to make it as an actress. The show had of course, good intentions, one plus for me was, it made boarding school look like a holiday. I myself, was in boarding school for a little while, and it wasn't. Please, take my advice, learn the facts of life from not watching The Facts Of Life.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 7 / 10

It had to get it right twice

I remember back in 1979 when The Facts Of Life debuted it was a nice show, but lucky it got a second chance when it got retooled and revamped and streamlined. When it first debuted there were about six blond teen girls plus two other, a young black girl played by Kim Fields and a stout young girl who was Mindy Cohn. The rest were a group you could barely tell apart.

The following year this show about a girl's boarding school underwent a huge makeover. All the anonymous blond teens went, save one played by Lisa Whelchel. She stood out somewhat because of her character as a rich teen d├ębutante who avoided serious subjects like the plague and thought her money fixed all. Over the years Whelchel's character grew somewhat.

But the show needed a contrasting bite and it got it when Nancy McKeon joined the cast. When she rode in on that motorcycle, bad girl in the making what it made was the show. Now you had potential for real conflict on the episodes.

Whelchel, Fields, Cohn, and McKeon pulled a real nasty prank on that first episode and were put in some kind of permanent probation living with school counselor Charlotte Rae. She became a strict but loving den mother to the four of them as they went through puberty learning The Facts Of Life.

With a few tight scrapes they learned them well. If the show wasn't completely realistic it wasn't exactly the Fifties either. The kids had some real issues, but it was all done PG.

It was also good entertainment.

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