The Fabulous Baker Boys


Action / Drama / Music / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 96%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 69%
IMDb Rating 6.8 10 19554


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Michelle Pfeiffer as Susie Diamond
Jennifer Tilly as Monica Moran
Jeff Bridges as Jack Baker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by peripatitis-33392 8 / 10

It doesn't water down after a couple of viewings.

Some films are like that. It is not as if this is a masterpiece but perhaps there is some truth within the film, the acting or the relationships between the actors? Who knows.. But i do feel that films that one can revisit, even if there is nothing new to see but somehow touch you deserve a lot more than an 6.8.

Reviewed by winstonfg 10 / 10

6.8? Are you kidding me?

This is one of my favourite movies of the 80's: A sophisticated, adult story in the 'Funny Girl' mould, about relationships and suffocation, growth, change, and moving on, leisurely and wittily told with barely a false note or step, except perhaps a slight tendency to tug at the heartstrings; and one of the best endings I can remember.

And boy, is there a lot of smoking; literal and figurative.

The Bridges make a great ensemble, and Michelle Pfeiffer has never been more radiant (as well as proving she has a great set of pipes), and the score and cinematography are sumptuous. And along the way it introduced me to the work of Dave Grusin and Lee Ritenour and, by proxy, artists like David Benoit and Diane Schuur.

Good as they are, you can keep your Shinings and Platoons and Raiders. For me they are a class behind this film, which rightly belongs in the running with Blade Runner, Raging Bull and The Color Purple for movie of the decade.

Reviewed by themidgarzolom 9 / 10

A Fabulous Film Indeed.....

The Fabulous Baker Boys is not exactly a movie that will resonate with everyone, but it does what it sets out to do almost perfectly, in my eyes. There are no loud explosions or huge set pieces. The drama mostly unravels slowly rather than in grandiose and melodramatic episodes. The lead character (J. Bridges) demonstrates his state of mind through expressions more often than through words for many pivotal scenes of the movie. The music is well-executed but mostly subdued and old-fashioned. Have I succeeded in making this movie sound boring? I sure hope not, because it's an absolutely incredible and unique film that somehow manages to be downright charming, nostalgic and wonderful in its tone while simultaneously exploring the darkness and cynicism building up within the various themes of this film.

The aforementioned themes of this film overlap to create an interesting tapestry of story lines that unravel at a moderate, exploratory pace and framed within a simple overall main plot. Some of the themes explored are a musician's conflict between art and enterprise, happiness with one's place in his or her mid-life, family vs. business relationships and just generally mixing business with pleasure. Is selling out a necessary part of making a living as a small-time musician with no connections and little money? How can this struggle affect one's relationships with family or romantic partners? Now how about when those worlds collide? Jeff Baker's world is extremely simple on the surface: He lives alone and his only job consists of routine piano gigs, playing the same standards year after year in a near effortless manner, and yet he deals with complex emotions on a daily basis from his various relationships inside and outside of his music world. It's fascinating to see how he interacts differently with his brother, with his new lover, and with his young neighbor friend, to whom he acts as a bit of a father figure.

From a technical standpoint, this is a beautifully shot film, without question. The film features beautiful cinematography and a nice variety of locations and the imagery of the various nightclubs and the awesome resort hotel will stick with the viewer. The soundtrack and performances range from good to great, running the gamut of jazz and swing standards. Both of the Bridges Brothers and Michelle Pfeiffer paint EXCELLENT character depictions in this film. It cannot be overstated just how cool Jeff Bridges is in this movie (The future "The Dude Lebowski" may have learned a thing or two from this "cool loser") and just how awesome Michelle is in this role. Pfeiffer's sex appeal is just off the charts in this film. Her badass and brutally honest character, her sultry voice/performance and outstanding looks are just perfect for the role. Jeff's chemistry with Michelle and his real life (and film) brother Beau, who plays the comparatively Type A go-getter brother and bandmate, is also just 100% spot on.

The bottom line is that this film just feels absolutely real. The pacing has an odd-but-great quality to it. It's somewhat of a slow-burner, but its great music, relaxing atmosphere and charming leads, punctuated by great subtly humorous lines never let this get boring if you are the type of person who can appreciate these elements. I wouldn't say there's much excitement or really that many single turning points within the plot, but the movie just washes over you like a gentle tide, yet one that houses a dark undercurrent. This is the type of movie that you want to watch in a comfortable and carefree state of mind. I'd recommend to specifically watch it alone or just with a single loved one in a dark room and to just relax and let yourself fall into this world of relaxing music and intriguing characters.

This movie is all about the characters. It's about exploring one's place in life and how one's relationships can affect his or her work, great music and atmosphere.

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