The Executioners


Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sam Ramirez 5 / 10


I love home invasion movies so when I saw this movie and read the plot I got really excited. Let's see what makes this movie a meh one:

  • They actually spoiled the movie in the first few minutes, there was this scene that just spoiled everything.
  • The three stooges who invaded the house, their acting was really bad and unconvincing at all.
  • The editing was not that great and distracting sometimes,
There were really some interesting stuff here and there that makes you say 'well, that's interesting' but it wasn't explored in a new way so by the end of the movie all you can say is ''meh, seen better'' and you move on to other stuff....

Reviewed by spencerwaynesmith 2 / 10

Horrible Movie (on many levels)

First of all, this movie was completely misrepresented. To call this a woman-empowering revenge flick is misleading at best. So what is this movie? A poor-mans sex-exploitation flick. It fails on every level. Watching this movie was like watching a porn movie with no sex scenes. No scares, light nudity, and very little action. The production value was very low too. It truly felt like I was watching a poorly made soft-core porn movie. The only difference being that there was little to no nudity and absolutely no terror.

Seriously the blue-man group was scarier than the blue/black/whatever men. I love horror movies, but there is a reason this went straight to DVD. I'd advise skipping this one, IMO. .

Reviewed by webcityaustralia 1 / 10

You will regret watching this..

This movie sucks. Plot is weak. You can predict the end easily. A total waste of time. Don't go with other reviews. It is one of the worst movie ever made..

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