The Evil Dead


Action / Fantasy / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 96%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 84%
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Bruce Campbell as Ashley 'Ash' J. Williams
Sam Raimi as Hitchhiking Fisherman / Evil Force
Ted Raimi as Fake Shemp
Ellen Sandweiss as Cheryl
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Wuchak 6 / 10

Low-budget cult horror classic has a great first half, but a redundant second half

RELEASED IN 1981 (but not until April, 1983, in the USA) and written & directed by Sam Raimi, "The Evil Dead" chronicles events when five Michigan State students travel to a remote cabin in western Tennessee for spring break wherein they discover a copy of the Book of the Dead and an audiotape whose incantations resurrect demons in the woods. Havoc ensues.

This is a cult classic movie and the famous director's first full-length feature. It only cost $350,000 to make and was shot in 1979, as well as the first weeks of 1980. Bruce Campbell makes for a quality protagonist and there's a good trio of girl-next-door types (Ellen Sandweiss, Theresa Tilly and Betsy Baker), but Raimi only really takes advantage of these feminine resources with Sandweiss as Cheryl.

The first half of the movie is great, which involves the five students' arrival to the cabin and the initial possession/attack sequences. It's atmospheric, well executed and compelling. The second half, however, is redundant. While each new attack ups the ante it's basically more of the same in the same setting (the cabin). Don't get me wrong, the second half is effective chaotic & chilling horror with loads of cartoony gore, but it's too one-dimensional with no meaty subtext to chew on. It's just people being attacked by hideous creatures, one after the other.

This simplistic approach CAN work, as witnessed by 1972's "Gargoyles" wherein the initial gargoyle attacks lead to a captivating confrontation in their hellish cave complex in the last act. But the latter half of "The Evil Dead" is just one attack after another in the same general setting. This might work for 11-14 year-olds who are wowed by cartoonish gore and constant diabolic thrills, but it doesn't work for more mature people who require some element of mindfood or, at least, variation to keep interested. Another negative is the final gory sequence which is decidedly low-budget and cartoony, albeit creatively and expertly done on a film student level.

THE FILM RUNS 1 hour & 25 minutes and was shot in Morristown, Tennessee, with additional work done in Michigan.


Reviewed by theterminator-92378 7 / 10

the original cult horror movie

The Evil Dead tells the story of a group of friends who go to a errie cabin in the woods and they find a book made from the dead and they have to stop what it summons.Bruce Campbell is Ash Williams the hero of the story he kicks so much ass in this series and Ash has since been considered the best hero of horror movies and Bruce is just so awesme in this one and I really just love his character.Ellen Sandweiss,Richard DeManincor,Betsy Baker,Theresa Tilly are the supporting actors and they are the group which will try to fight the dead they give such as supporting group and they are awesone i couldn't ask for anyone better. I love The Evil Dead it is such a 80s movie and the cult status still holds up and they made sequals to the original and if anything the evil dead is one of tbe best early horror movies to exist and I just think this is one of the best movies i have watched and this one i can defiently re watch the evil dead any time

Reviewed by metahumanity_01 10 / 10

BEst horror movie of all time

It´s schlock, overacting, cheap effects and.....pure genius. behind the camera

Just turn off the lights, put on the headphones and go along for the best b-movie ride ever.

Do not be afraid. It´s just a movie!

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