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Action / Crime / Thriller

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Laura Vandervoort as Hailey Jones
Ray Liotta as Richard Nader
Devon Bostick as Dean Taylor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rbrb 8 / 10

The Exception to the Rule....(?)

This is a first rate kidnap thriller. Made more intriguing by the fact that the movie seems to advocate that rightness is on the side of the kidnapper.

An apparently caring young male with problems including a very sick mother et al decides to kidnap three spoilt brat "entitled" privileged college kids. They are the offspring of three fairly repulsive rich and undeserving businessmen....

The kidnapper has accomplices who also have an agenda.

This film races along with pace and excitement and in my opinion the acting and production is top notch.

Of course there may be some holes in the plot but who cares as this picture is highly entertaining and almost believable; it had me engrossed throughout.


Reviewed by kosmasp 7 / 10

Getting what you deserve (?)

This is a nice little thriller, which I might have given a 6 instead of a 7, but I did like the fact it is low budget and still managed to get quite some good talent on board. Like Ray Liotta, whom probably was convinced by the script. And while not everything works out the way it might have been planned (script and story-wise that is), the whole thing feels very well thought of.

There's different endings, but I like the one they chose and stuck with. You can watch the other ones on your disc under the special features if you're curious like me. Nice additions, though probably won't make the movie better for you, if you didn't like it the first time around.

Reviewed by mame7 3 / 10

one of the worst in a long time

movie starts off with a great aerial shot of what i believe is Ontario city which is totally misleading because the whole thing takes place is the deepest woods.

actors did quiet a good job although protagonist is very hard to like. he kisses his mother like 5 times in the first 10 minutes so nobody could miss the fact that he cares for her. also very hard to believe that his female accomplice could ever fall in love with him that much. they don't seem to have much in common.

scene which upsets me the most is the escape of the 2 left hostages. they walk out of the house like they are 5 year olds who try to sneak around moms back to get to the candy drawer. how could No one be watching them? they literally have nothing to do. one of them plays fallout 3 because he is so bored. to be fair fallout 3 is one of the best games ever developed.

of course this American dream thing plays along throughout the movie and subtly gets mentioned every now and then but in the end it doesn't seem to conclude in any way.

the emo male accomplice casually kicks her alleged good friend to death (or maybe not?) for no reason whatsoever like he slaughtered his opponents in fallout 3 earlier. at that point i began to wonder if i looked at the movie from a wrong perspective. maybe it was a comedy all along.

i kind of liked the dispute of the 3 fathers which on its own got me to watch the thing through. but also was disappointed by the reaction of one of the fathers after he realizes that his son died. could have given the story another nice twist.

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