The End


Action / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 58%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 47%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 3053


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Burt Reynolds as Wendell Sonny Lawson
Sally Field as Mary Ellen
Joanne Woodward as Jessica Lawson
Robby Benson as Father Dave Benson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Robert J. Maxwell 6 / 10

Ornate but funny.

Directed by, and starring, Burt Reynolds, this is comedy about a salesman learning he has only months to live is in Woody Allen territory. The script has joke upon joke, few of them demanding to begin with, but then embellished by bits of business that are a little distracting.

Well, I'm giving the elements credit because it's not that easy to make a comedy about having a terminal illness. Dabney Coleman managed to inject a few funny boluses into "Short Time" but "The Bucket List" was a slapdash affair providing an excuse for two older (but sometimes magnificent) actors to do the things we wish we had done. I almost hate to say it but arguably the most entertaining comedy about dying is the Rock Hudson and Doris Day film, "Send Me No Flowers."

Burt's direction of "The End" is function and lapses only into one easy cliché -- a man wakes up sweating and thrusts his goggle-eyed face into the camera. He also drags out amusing moments. The script by Jerry Belson is fast and touches the bases. It may depend a bit much on obvious jokes -- "I told you not to cuss, Godammit." But it more than makes up for such weaknesses.

Eg., Burt goes to make his last confession. The priest is Robby Benson, who looks about fifteen years old. Burt uneasily explains that he has a little difficulty calling him "Father" so the priest suggests Burt just call him Dave. In the confessional, Burt begins with, "Bless me, Dave, for I have sinned." And when the priest isn't regaling Burt with his OWN confession about lust and ambition, he flosses his teeth while listening to Burt talk about infidelity. Burt is doing his best to get organized but there is the intermittent "pluck" and "plick" from the other side of the confessional window.

I really like Burt Reynolds. He's the least prepossessing movie star who ever breathed. Confident enough to be self deprecating in public despite his dark handsomeness. Cary Grant would never have made fun of his own ouvre the way Burt did at an Academy Award presentation by portentously rattling off a string of his own hits, like "Navajo Joe" and "Sam Whiskey."

He can handle serious drama well and with the proper plot he excels, as in "Deliverance." But his ordinariness doesn't seem to work well with comedy. What you get without cultivation is lowbrow slapstick that sometimes is more silly than witty. As a performer Burt has a certain range but comedy broaches the perimeter of possibilities.

Reviewed by Hitchcoc 6 / 10

I Tried to Like This

Burt Reynolds has a death sentence. He decides that since he's terminal, he may as well get it over with. He tries in numerous ways to kill himself, but it seems that either he isn't ready to die or someone leaps in to save him. I just could not get into this film. It isn't the subject matter. It isn't my own feelings about death. It isn't some kind of pact with myself and the people who are adamant that hell is ready for these sinners. I just didn't buy Burt Reynolds. I thought the thing was dull. Then again, I've never been a big fan of Dom Deluise. He was much too manic for me. Reynolds never seems address his situation with seriousness. Too many one-liners and jokes about the inevitable. I know some will say something about suicide being a cruel act. But this film diminishes the feeling.

Reviewed by J 2 / 10

Man has deadly disease and cries over spilled milk

This film has a 35 year-old sensibility that is as dead as a stump today. We all know that comedy doesn't last, and this one does not at all stand the test of time. The film is a series of disjointed, contrived scenes with a very thin narrative stringing them along. The main character receives a terminal diagnosis and is so bummed out that he wants to kill himself - one knows it's not going to happen from the moment Burt offers up a hysterical crying fit that sounds like a hyena. Burt Reynolds can't act and can't direct. Its boring, plodding pace makes it almost soporific, although the only spark is Dom DeLuise. Yes, I wanted to see Sally and Strother and Dom and others, but gave up and fast-forwarded to their scenes to catch glimpses of them. You will have a better time staring at an aquarium than spending any time with this one.

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