The Drowning


Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 50%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 31%
IMDb Rating 4.4 10 1756


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Julia Stiles as Lauren Seymour
Avan Jogia as Danny Miller
Josh Charles as Tom Seymour
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by strawberrydaiquiri-05361 4 / 10

What just happened?

Either this movie sucks, or I didn't understand one bit of it.

I kept waiting for something to happen... Some event that would clear things up... but it never came.

The characters weren't particularly likable and their true motivations were never revealed.

somehow i'm still thinking I might have missed something. they couldn't just have pasted together a story with random people doing insignificant things, right?


Reviewed by Paul Evans 6 / 10

Better then the reviews would lead you to believe.

I am baffled by the volume of one star reviews, and such a low score, I could list a number of one star movies, this is no way near being in that group, it's not Oscar winning, but it's a decent enough watch. The premise is really clever, when you save someone's life you don't know what past they have, or what kind of future ahead of them. The movie manages to have you asking questions, was Danny guilty, did Danny consciously jump into the water knowing that Tom was there. It may be a little ambiguous for some viewers, but then life isn't always black and white. Pretty good performances, Josh Charles and Avan Jogia were both watchable, Julia Styles I thought was a little wooden, maybe the part wasn't great. I disagree with those that say the material was old fashioned, I would have said the content was quite relevant in today's age. I'll admit it was a little frustrating to watch at times, and some of it, like Danny's father's involvement, made little sense.

It wasn't that bad. 6/10

Reviewed by rob-roy717 2 / 10

What can I say...but yuck.

I couldn't get 1/2 way thru this trainwreck. As soon as he's getting laid in the back seat by whoever the dude was's daughter, I said this movie is all over the place. Netflix originals tv series are pretty good but these movies, seriously guys you need to find actual writers. Are you just plugging in college majors or people that vlog (let's call them the "hey guys")?

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