The Dreamers


Action / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 61%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 78%
IMDb Rating 7.2 10 96131


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Eva Green as Isabelle
Michael Pitt as Matthew
Anna Chancellor as Mother
Jean Seberg as Herself
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by iravavastav 9 / 10

Complex truths of Life, Politics, Sex - Artistic

I really enjoyed this fine making of a good cinema which added a final touch to its art of expression. It was fascinating to see how conservatively educated american (mathew) adjusts to the life of Theo and Isabelle finally loosing all of their innocence.

Be strong enough to understand the situations that the characters find themselves in, that is the reality of the outer world. The characters are finely portrayed, as they almost talk about all the subjects of thoughts not shying away from any controversies. This move gets deeper and deeper and characters get more and more complex.

The Dreamers is all about complex characters in vividity to life. Strictly for Artistic lovers.

Reviewed by Fahad Ibne Fahian 10 / 10

Why did Isabelle Scream for Theo all of a sudden?

After watching the movie, a question is circling around my mind. I'm wondering the most about is, why did Isabelle start screaming for Theo all of a sudden while she was going to do it with Matthew? She even pretended like she didn't know Matthew at all, as like was a stranger! Does anybody know the answer?

Reviewed by ravidubey16 7 / 10

Different cinema, you will get attracted unknowingly

there is some mystery attraction in the direction, Bernardo Bertolucci direction will keep you hooked all the time, this boggling movie portrays difficult emotions so well; you will just get involved in it.

We have difficulty in understanding ourselves and our emotions, 3 young characters with a different ideology, some messed up thoughts are struggling to adapt to reality but parallelly accepting it, this irony is so well crafted and displayed making is surely watch for deep cinema lovers.

If you are looking for mere entertainment avoid it, if interested to watch some piece classic movie making go for it..

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