The Dictator


Action / Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 57%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 44%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 237060


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Megan Fox as Megan Fox
Anna Faris as Zoey
Edward Norton as Edward Norton
Sacha Baron Cohen as Aladeen / Efawadh
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Hayden Davies 5 / 10

Could have been better

I watched The Dictator on a whim expecting it to be a very typical comedy with funny moments and a clichéd plot. I guess I got exactly what I was expecting, I was neither impressed nor disappointed.

Overall the plot of the movie is alright, it's predictable and clichéd but it's not awful by any means, it has a typical romantic subplot going on and is utterly predictable. The actual comedic content of the film wasn't that good. I'll admit it had some funny parts, and when it was funny it was really funny, but those parts were few and far between, surrounded by jokes that just didn't hit their mark. Some of the jokes seem like they were trying to fill space, they were repeated multiple times to fill a bit and only served to kill whatever humour was in the original joke. Other times the writers clearly thought a joke was good but it just wasn't funny. The movie certainly had promise, the characters were enjoyable and the premise was alright but when they're put together it falls short.

On the whole The Dictator movie is alright to watch for a bit of fun while it's certainly no comedic masterpiece if there's nothing else on it's a bit of dumb fun.

Reviewed by Morten_5 8 / 10

Hilarious and outrageously far from P.C.

+ Sacha Baron Cohen's outrageous but liberating total lack of political correctness. + The amazingly ridiculous beard of Aladeen. + Anna Faris' and S.B.C.'s unexpected chemistry. + The music and the songs, which are really good and greatly adds to the atmosphere and the humour. - "The Dictator" is not as wonderfully great and funny as "Borat...". Nothing is. Still, you can't help comparing.

Reviewed by Raushan Kumar (AbsoluteRaushan) 9 / 10

Really funny movie ..LOL

This movie is really funny movie. I laughed so much that my it gave aches in my stomach. Should you watch this movie.? Yes ! definitely. Just watch it and have a good time. But the movie contains some curse language and little bit of nudity but that's OK just watch it with your friends.

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