The Devil's Rock


Action / Horror

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Luke Hawker as Private Muller
Craig Hall as Captain Ben Grogan
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Reviewed by Jesse 8 / 10

Better than expected, and definitely worth watching

I didn't have high hopes for this movie at all - I thought the cover art was cheesy and the synopsis of the movie on Amazon Prime didn't charm me much, but I decided to give it a chance since it had 4 stars out of 5, and I don't see that much for horror movies.

It was totally worth it! I absolutely loved the main two actors and the main actress and though that they were perfect for their parts. It was definitely creepy, and honestly I thought the special effects were really great, especially considering that I've seen worse special effects in movies that were guaranteed to have been better funded.

I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for Campion films in the future, as well as Craig Hall, Gina Varela, and Matthew Sunderland.

Reviewed by Cory 8 / 10

This movie needs to be given a chance if you're a horror fan!

First I have to call out kingkitsch for his or her review. You clearly don't know how to interpret any actions taken by characters in movies apparently.... To start the captain doesn't just go into the bunker on a whim to try and save a woman that could be one of their own. If you had any intelligence in your thought processing you would understand that the captain obviously has a soft spot for hearing this woman screaming while being tortured because of his recent past losing his wife because of this same war that has this woman possibly being tortured. So of course he would go in and try to save her which requires almost no brain power to understand. Next you say it goes back and forth between the Nazi and the captain for the first half of the movie which all your referring to is the Nazi capturing the captain and him breaking free. Ya real seesaw battle there.... Most importantly you say that the reasoning behind all the other dead bodies in the bunker is successfully ignored. THEY LITERALLY GO THROUGH A CONVERSATION EXPLAINING EXACTLY HOW IT HAPPENED!!!! You are the one who has successfully ignored it. Having the page from the book on you makes it so the demon can't do you harm and has no more strength than a normal woman which then the Nazi explains that when the demon was summoned it went on the killing rampage (which explains the bodies that you think makes no sense why they are there), the Nazi was safe because of the page he held and in turn with the upper hand on the demon he successfully locked the demon in the chain it's hooked onto for most of the movie. Don't write a review if you can't handle a movie that requires you to use basically a 5th graders level of intelligence. Just keep watching those horror movies that you can go braindead and still follow because it's just blood and gore with no meaningful plot to it and go review those to make yourself feel like your opinion matters because it sure as hell makes no sense for you to try it here. To everyone else that hasn't seen this movie and is reading this I implore you to watch this movie because it is a real treat in a genre that rarely has any. Hopefully this didn't spoil anything for you because I really didn't give any major parts of the movie away that will make a difference in your viewing experience. The acting was great. The script was pretty solid and the suspense was awesome throughout. The Devil's Rock was a breath of fresh air for me and my horror movie appetite. Have fun watching this one and don't let any negative reviews turn you away from it!!

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 7 / 10

It is hungry

Two New Zealand soldiers are tasked with taking out the big gun on a channel island prior to D-Day. While there they discover an underground facility with evidence of Hitler's obsession for the occult.

PLOT SPOILER: The demon for Trekkies: Nancy Crater. The rest of you won't get that spoiler without a search. I venture to guess, most of you already know reading through reviews. The production combines that episode with Norse Mythology and the first Indian Jones feature. The acting and story were fine. The film never had more than three characters on the screen at one time and could be done as a play as the action takes place in 2 rooms plus hallways. The creature effects were decent and won a local NZ film award in 2012. The blood squirt scene could have been better. A lot of dialogue as compared to action.

Guide: F-word. Demon nudity (Gina Varela)

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