The Devil Inside


Action / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 6%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 22%
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Bonnie Morgan as Rosa Sorlini
Fernanda Andrade as Isabella Rossi
Simon Quarterman as Father Ben Rawlings
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jorge Fernandez 5 / 10

An average demonic possession movie

Just saw this movie on cable and I found it very predictable and loaded with many clich├ęs from both demonic possession films and found footage films. It's just not surprising or scary anymore. It also has many goofs and loose ends. (But hey, it's found footage, you can't expect found footage to give you all the answers...) Average performances and the typical plot. So, I guess I enjoyed it because my expectations weren't high considering how predictable this kind of movie has become lately. What makes me sad is that most of the keyboard critics rate it the lowest possible because of the ending. Why? Is the movie so predictable that you all need it to end the same way? Would it be better if the daughter freed her mother, maybe dying in the process, leaving at least one character to have a happy ending? the priest sacrificing his life to save the rest? the cameraman, as dumb as he looks, being butchered by a horde of "transparenting" demons? I think the ending is one of the things that may differentiate this movie from others. It's abrupt, inconclusive, violent. Not that I believe this could happen for real, but isn't it a very likely outcome if we imagine a situation like that happening in real life? If you don't agree then you must be clear that you want realistic, found footage movies to have Hollywood style, highly predictable endings.

Reviewed by rdoyle29 2 / 10

Total garbage

How stupid is this film? The plot centers on the Vatican School of Exorcism where all classes are apparently held in English. Every single moment of this film that comes close to working is just stolen from "The Exorcist". This movie ends with a title card that implies that nobody knows what REALLY happened ... but we just saw what happened ... it's a found footage film guys ... oh, whatever. Idiots.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 2 / 10

A shocker and not in a good way

Despite not being a fan at all overall of the found footage/mockumentary style, there are some good exceptions out there. While not an avid horror fan, though a long way from a detractor, there are some great examples and some great films based on the subject of exorcism (the king of them all still being 'The Exorcist').

'The Devil Inside' however really fails to deliver. Did form my own opinion, though with a little knowledge of only a few reviews before watching, and watched with an open mind, actually wanting it to be good and be better than the slightly drab premise suggested. 'The Devil Inside' was just a shocker in almost every sense of the word, we are not talking about the type of film it is but the actual quality of the film.

It's not entirely without redeeming merits, though the cons are far more numerous and significantly larger. The best performance comes from Suzan Crowley, who gives a heck of a chilling performance. Surprisingly also the contortionist effects were pretty unsettling.

However, that is it for 'The Devil Inside's' good points. 'The Devil Inside' has such a drab look and further cheapened by the excessive and badly abused (even for this particular style of filming) shaky cam, which will make people nauseous and should come with a health warning for epileptics (speaking as one myself).

Can't remember anything about the music, while the directing is lifelessly amateurish and the script is a shambles with far too much talk and too much emphasis on the science-versus-religion and faith-versus-scepticism, which really bogs down the atmosphere.

No better news about the story or atmosphere either. The story is sluggish, increasingly derivative and predictable, with some unintentionally silly parts too, while the atmosphere in general is just too histrionic and there is next to nothing scary in a film already rather under-populated in the scare factor. Only Crowley and the contortionist effects offer any kind of that.

Much has been said about that abruptly lazy cheat/cop-out of an ending and for very good reason. Crowley aside, the acting is very poor, with a lead performance from Fernanda Andrade that is both histrionic and somnambulist.

All in all, a shocker in almost every way. 2/10 Bethany Cox

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