The Delta Force


Action / Adventure / Drama / Thriller / War

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 20%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 50%
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Liam Neeson as Delta Force Member
Robert Vaughn as Gen. Woodbridge
Chuck Norris as Maj. Scott McCoy
Lee Marvin as Col. Nick Alexander
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thegreenman4010 2 / 10


This film has more corn than Kansas and plenty of BS to fertilise it with. It starts out with a fair to middling hijack story, and then develops into a gung-ho shoot-fest of epically dreadful proportions. This from someone who enjoys the Expendables movies. The difference is: they don't try to take themselves too seriously, and the action is much better- if equally unbelievable.

US Special Forces armed almost exclusively with Uzi machine pistols, shooting from the hip in spray and pray fashion just got my goat time and time again. The dramatic manoeuvres such as pulling wheelies on motorcycles just left me wondering why would you bother? To risk losing control in a life and death situation might look cool, but you just wouldn't.

Standing around in the middle of the road, facing an army of bad guys? Seriously? And as for the major running off on his own to face the chief hijacker with the instruction "don t wait for me". Get outta town.

As for going OFF the radio before assaulting the aircraft. What? It leads to some drama in the form of Lee Marvin and his screaming siren, but surely you just wouldn't.

The music alternatively sounds like it's appropriate for an awards ceremony and a kids' sci-fi movie and is definitely no John Williams score. It just serves to highlight how bad the movie is.

I probably saw this when it came out in 1986. That was clearly long enough for me to forget how awful it is. I stopped really watching it part way through, and switched it off before the end. I can't really say why I have given it two stars. I'm not sure that it deserves one.

Reviewed by buiger 6 / 10

Better than expected, even 30 years later...

I watched this movie for the first time over 30 years after it was produced. Considering its age, the fact that it is essentially a Chuck Norris film (whom I really never liked), and the numerous clichées in the premise and story-line, this motion picture was a rather pleasant surprise. It was decently scripted, decently acted (except for Mr. Norris, of course) and well filmed. Even the cheesy special effects don't take away too much from the overall viewing experience.

Do not misunderstand me, this is no masterpiece by a long shot, but it definitely makes for some decent escapist entertainment on an evening with nothing much better to do. Definitely above average.

Reviewed by Spikeopath 6 / 10

Delta Damage!

The Delta Force is directed by Menahem Golam and Golam co-writes the screenplay with James Bruner. It stars Chuck Norris, Lee Marvin, Joey Bishop, Robert Forster, George Kennedy, Robert Vaughn and Shelley Winters. Music is by Alan Silvestri and cinematography by David Gurfinkel.

Film is a very loose working of the real life TWA Athens hijacking in 1985, done in a pure fantastical Hollywood style. It would prove to be the final movie of hard man actor Lee Marvin who would sadly pass away a year later, unfortunately this didn't prove to be a fitting swansong for him. All the elements were there, a star name cast fronted by one of the 1980s action movie stars and a hot topic story ripe for serious drama and thrills. Sadly the pic doesn't deliver on its promise of something substantial.

However, if you are an action movie fan who isn't the kind to get in a twist about political correctness, sloganeering and overt flag waving, then there's lots of fun to be had. Stripped back from the political aspects (rah rah rah) it's a Norris cartooner, while Marv gets one final decent pay day. The action is well put together, all bonkers, gloriously so, none more so than when Norris is at the forefront. Be it hand to hand butt kicking or indulging in motor cycle mayhem (rocket launchers, oh my!) , it's excessively joyous.

Yep! There's cheese aplenty, especially once the human drama of the first hour gives way to macho marauding, whilst Silvestri's musical score is irritating and irritatingly catchy - sounds more like it should have been in an 80s Brat Pack movie - and you can't help but be annoyed that pretty much all the big names in the supporting cast are badly wasted! Also sad to see a frail Marvin in this, ravaged by years of nicotine and alcohol this is not how we want to remember him and therefore we are duty bound not to.

Still, forgive it its failings and embrace the thrilling corn, for there's still a good time to be had here. That is on proviso you happen to have a bent for such movies in the first place! 6/10

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