The Debt Collector



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Scott Adkins as French
Tony Todd as Barbosa
Michael Paré as Mad Alex
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phoenixinvictus 4 / 10

Could have been a lot better

I like Scott Adkins mostly because I believe that he is a dying breed of actors in category of Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme (before the drugs) and Jackie Chan. He relies on his martial arts skills most of the time to entertain the audience and for that he has my respect as an artist.

Now moving on... The cast of this movie was pretty good with a odd exceptions of some supporting roles whom I didn't recognise. The story started well enough with some pretty good fighting scenes but then spiralled off into a sort of mess. Michael Paré's character started well enough as a decent guy but towards the middle turns out (almost out of the blue) to be a massive jerk. Scott Adkins's character struck me as a resourceful man who didn't need to work for a mob collector. He could have moonlighted as a part time bodyguard to save his gym anything but work for the mob. I'm just saying his character whines throughout the entire movie about beating people up while at the same time getting his butt kicked. The ending was perhaps the most dissatisfying of all because it was unnecessary.

Reviewed by nikola17 5 / 10

Well It's Not Buddy Cop Film It's Some Weird Strange Collector Buddy Film

Well I Thought this was going to be High Voltage Action Buddy Film I Love Jesse V Johnson The Butcher, The Package, he worked with Scott Adkins again in Savage Dog, second time he worked with Scott Adkins In Accident Man, then this movie is eh this flat not really of worst movie not brilliant film, it's more of just time waster you will enjoy this movie get to know all story and characters direction all that, but believe me when you get to end of movie you will end up hating it, when you watch it in start to middle almost to end of film, It Will Maybe Change your mind and say nah this movie isn't that good or great but it's ok for time waster i thought story is ok it did make sense i thought action was great opening scene was great start of scene, i thought lines or dialog all that was funny and good nothing of stupid lines in movie, in this movie their were good lines and funny lines will make you laugh. this is kinda like Lethal Weapon but not a buddy cop movie or buddy movie like Lethal Weapon (1987), Drive (1997), Rush Hour (1998) this is a buddy film but without being buddy cops this is like Collectors Buddy Film i should say, this was ok story, i thought Scott Adkins did fine in this role not best role i have ever seen. i seen better then this role but their were moments were he spoke funny scenes of Scott in Opening were Asian guy wanted money of Scott and he wanted to take over

building Scott said oh ok if i win you will get out if i don't then it's yours, Asian guy was what this like kung flu movie, Scott Yeah like Kung Flu Movie, i laughed to death on that line i thought their funny moments of Scott Adkins role in this movie made me laugh i did liked it. I Thought Louis Mandylor did ok he didn't really suit this role i thought he did alright not best his character is good i thought my opinion he was nothing wrong but if this movie was written better with better ending maybe it should have been Scott Adkins and Wesley Snipes in one vehicle action movie like this should been something like that idea, i thought Chemistry was ok but i thought Scott Adkins and Louis Mandylor didn't suit well i wanted Scott Adkins and Wesley Snipes would suit better Chemistry. story follows French (Scott Adkins) of crouse everyone knows Undisputed 2,3,4, Close Range, El Gringo, Ninja 1 & 2, Hard Target 2, Savage Dog, Accident Man. is a owner and A classically-trained martial artist Martial Arts GYM he is very low rent he is low in money, then Tommy (Vladimir Kulich) who did 13 Warrior, The Equalizer, Smokin Aces, he worked with Scott Adkins In Savage Dog. he went to his place asked him to do business as Debt Collector, and next morning he meets up with Sue (Louis Mandylor) Know for The Quest, One In The Chamber, Code of Honor, Larceny. French goes to work as a mob debt collector with Sue to make money, Driving 1971 Classic Car very nice car, then they go to someone house to kick the crap out people to collect money i thought their were a lot funny moments in film witch makes you laugh it's very watchable movie to end, and yes Mad Alex (Michael Pare) The Streets of Fire, Direct Contact, Maximum Conviction, he did over a lot movies. he did alright but he wasn't much in movie, i thought this movie had weird footage stack of cows been showing in start, middle, end these scenes gave me headache so many footage's of cows i don't understand and why this movie is made like that it's stupid ! i thought movie should have kept normally not silly with footage of cows i don't know what's with Jesse V Johnson if he hump's on cows or something if that didn't show that footage or written script of cows in movie it would been little bit better if they changed ending would be better, the all movie is just Scott Adkins and Louis Mandylor are working together kicking ass, to collect money, not killing people just hustling to get money get orders what boss tells them what to do what they want, but i thought it did fine after middle of movie main villain everyone would know slaright away he is known for The Rock, Crow, Candyman, Night of living dead, Bludworth Final Desalination, Platoon, (Tony Todd) his character Barbosa, play's millionaire gangster with big house a lot sexy nice lady's like all gangster movies does, he is not much in movie i thought the alright who some nice woman villain Amanda (Rachel Brann) like her boyfriend to Barbosa, he is like to give order to French and Sue to go place and hustle guy for money, towards end of showdown was nothing special your waiting for moment of action and Scott doing a lot of fight scenes well no. their were little action towards end of movie but no kung flu Scott Adkins fighting in movie nothing like that. that what disappoint me sadly makes me feels upset, Jesse V Johnson is great director of doing action movies i thought Last great movie Accident Man is more worth watching then this movie sadly, this ended so lame, flat, not enough action sadly makes everyone disappointed this movie you will watch unless you wanna time waster to see Scott does action in this movie but not in final showdown he does fighting in this movie their is fight scenes but not a lot of it, but sadly at end of day it's time waster, sloppily ending of movie, with annoying Stock Footage's of Cows showing Cows, script where someone tells story's or some speech about Cows kinda made me upset made me change my mind. like you watch it in start a lot badass moments then to middle it's great then to final showdown to end, it made saying it's nothing special, it's worst ending, nothing was explained, i am not sure who to blame Jessie V Johnson or writers i don't know but better movies of Scott Adkins and Jessie V Johnson

Scott Adkins movies that are better Special Forces, Undisputed 2,3,4, Ninja 1&2, Close Range very great action fast paced film then this, El Gringo, Hard Target 2, Green Street 3: Never Back Down was ok, Eliminators was eh not bad movie, Accident Man it's Decent. but i am waiting for upcoming up Jessie V Johnson BIGGER BADDEST ACTION MOVIE THEN THIS TRIPLE THREAT with ensemble action films like in Expendables comes in Triple Threat Jessie V Johnson works again with Scott 4th time, Michael Jai White, Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, Tiger Chen, Michael Bispring , it sounds a lot better then this useless time waster, ending you will hate to death the worst ending, needs more of bigger action ending showdown i mean it's Scott Adkins he does fight scenes in movie but not a lot, sadly enough. 5.10 useless writing, great direction movie but killed ending, stupid and silly writing about story's of cows, it's movie more huge time waster.

Reviewed by adonis98-743-186503 1 / 10

It's no Lethal Weapon alright?

A classically-trained martial artist goes to work as a debt collector for the mob. The job seems easy enough, until one "client" pulls him into a situation deeper than could ever be expected. Also starring Louis Mandylor, Michael Pare, Tony Todd. The Debt Collector is a wannable 80's action comedy that fails to understand of what makes that genre great and except Scott Adkins who throws more punches in this film than both Accident Man and InComing that doesn't mean that this film in particular was better than the previous 2, it was boring, it had no purpose and except some meh battles there was nothing more to it both plot wise, acting and basically the genre in general. (0/10)

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