The Debt


Action / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 77%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 66%
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Jessica Chastain as Young Rachel
Marton Csokas as Young Stephan
Sam Worthington as Young David
Helen Mirren as Rachel Singer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Kelvin Richard 6 / 10

So much more should have been portrayed in this movie, skinny!

The movie is supposed to be on the death camp doctor Joseph Mengele and the Mossad attempt to capture him, the sterling performances by Helen Mirren and Jessica Chastain do not make up for glaring omissions in the plot. No scenes were depicted of what Vogel (Mengele) got upto in the concentration camps, in fact no scenes depicted in camps at all, so no context or background is indicated. The movie builds up to quite a crescendo in the end, then falls dead flat without any conclusion at all at the end, which is a complete anticlimax.

Reviewed by tjgorman66 9 / 10

9 out of 10

Probably fell in love with Jessica Chastain watching this movie, brilliant script and unpredictable ending, great thriller

Reviewed by Stephen Abell 6 / 10

A Well Acted Okay Spy Thriller Though Not The Best

This cold war spy story takes place in two time periods - 1965 and 1997. Three Mossad agents are sent into East Berlin to retrieve the Nazi war criminal. However, things do not go according to plan. The details of which have been repressed but are now threatening to break into the light and bring the agents and their mission into a very public eye.

If you like spy thrillers you may like this one, it is beautifully filmed though a tad on the slow side with a story which isn't as strong as the acting.

The writers do a great job with interweaving past with the present, especially where the secrets are concerned. Having Rachel's daughter publishing a book about her and the mission at the time when things are starting to unravel is a brilliant idea, though I don't think it's fully utilised and expanded upon, because when the truth is revealed it will make her daughter look inexperienced as an investigative reporter. This would have added greater depth and better characterisation of Helen Mirren's Rachel; which it needed. There was enough space within the story to accomplish this as there are scenes which are too drawn out. The ending is predictable and feels like it's been tagged on to give the story a happier ending. To me, it felt like a cop out and once again showed the differences between the Rachel characters.

Another drawback is the secret itself. I for one cannot understand why they didn't tell the truth, to begin with. That way they could have just got on with rectifying the situation. It was this thought that through the rest of the film out of balance by making it feel weak and pointless.

It was the acting, especially from the 1965 cast, which carried the story and the film. Chastain's Rachel is an intelligent and strong individual; this, however, is not the case with Mirren's Rachel who doesn't appear to have these characteristics. To be honest, only Wilkinson's and Csokas' Stephen Gold could be the same person. These differences in the main characters slightly detracted me from the movie.

As for the direction, this could have been tighter at times to create an exciting atmosphere when needed and slower at other times to build suspense. Unfortunately, the director opts for a steady pace, which at times, is too slow and verges on boring. The locations are great and give the feel of the period, as does the lighting, Along with some nicely thought out camera shots, it adds strength and atmosphere to the film.

I'd recommend this to all lovers of spy thrillers, though if you're new to the genre I wouldn't start with this film; it's not the best of its kind and may put you off watching other better spy thrillers. That said, it is worth at least one watch.

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