The Dead Next Door



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Bruce Campbell as Raimi / Cmdr. Carpenter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Beowolf2001 1 / 10

The danger of fools with video cameras!

This was one of the worst pieces of crap I've ever seen. This Bookwalter person is worse than Todd Sheets and that's saying a lot. He's not even creative enough to be Ed Wood! The story, a mix between Jonestown, Dawn and Day of the Dead is just terrible, but this mish most of stupid ideas is downplayed by the stupid characters contained within it! Some of the SFX were tolerable but most of this was really just bad. One character decapitates a zombie then puts his fingers in the heads mouth! They get bit off and his pals leave him to be eaten by other zombies! The acting is beyond amateur. I wish I could remove the memory cells that contain this film from my brain! This was just bad, bad, bad! Avoid at all costs! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Oh and how the hell did Sam Raimi get involved with this crapfest? Was he feeling generous? There isn't one original or inventive thing in this whole mess. Ugh! I need an aspirin!

Reviewed by Catlin Massier 4 / 10

not to bad

It's not to bad, you can tell the movie is old just by the effects and the picture and the acting, but actually it wasn't all that bad. The zombies were more funny that scary, and it almost made me chuckle a few times because they act sort of funny, running around mumbling, the gore was good, I like when the guy got his throat bitten out, and when the one police officers fingers got bitten off reminded me of a scene from the remake of Wes Craven's "The Hills Have Eyes" which was my favorite part in that movie, so it was kind of cool to see a similar scene in this movie. To be honest I'm not done watch the movie right now, and it seems nothing will really change my review on this movie cause it's almost over. But if you like horror movies, and zombies and gore, then check out this movie, I'm not got promise you'll like it because everybody's taste in movies in different, but all I know is I enjoyed it. So feel free to check this movie out.

Reviewed by Matt Gehring 3 / 10

The government sets up a group of people to destroy all zombies.

The "Dead Next Door" was an OK movie for myself, but i have herd that many people enjoy the film and recommend it. I don't think the plot is very good, but i do realize that it was a low-budget movie. i did like the gore however (there is plenty of it) and the violent effects are not that bad, so if you are a gore-hound then you might want to pick this movie up.

i do own this movie and bought it for a fair price; i don't recommend paying an arm and a leg for this movie unless you have seen it and enjoyed it enough to shed some cash. if you're not one for mediocre acting then i also don't recommend this movie.

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