The Dead


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jarlian 7 / 10

"Return of the Romero Zombies"

This is a zombie movie in Africa which contains old school, slow walking zombies. The lead characters are people with families who are just trying to get home or find their loved ones. They are not trying to solve the mystery of the outbreak, which makes it a simple, but very entertaining piece of film.

There is a huge difference in picture quality; Sometimes you are looking at dark images with too much artificial grain, at other times you are seeing beautiful African scenery with some nifty shots. Meanwhile, the undead are never far away. This resulted in the best feature of the whole movie; you never felt safe EVER. The threat of slow zombies always shambling towards the main characters gave me that freaky feeling only Romero delivered. It worked.

This movie doesn't really excel at anything, but it is still very enjoyable. It has some minor continuity flaws (like cleaning a blood smeared face with just a dry cloth) but it doesn't get in the way. It doesn't deliver perfect acting, but it isn't terrible to watch either. It lacks a film score but there's still enough tension without it. Even with these minor flaws, I feel The Dead was a welcome change in the zombie genre and I would recommend it to any zombie fan.

Reviewed by LawlessReviews 3 / 10

Some good points, but much more to be desired

Minor spoilers may follow,

This movie had few high points to offset what was overall a somewhat lackluster outing for a zombie flick.

The story follows Rob Freeman's character (Lt. Brian Murphy), who after surviving a plane crash off the coast of Africa, must make his way across the African landscape, in an attempt to find a way out. On his journey he meets up with Prince David Oseia's character (Sgt. Daniel Dembele) who is on a mission of his own; to find his son.

The movie's premise, although very promising, fails to deliver. The movie does a good job setting up the atmosphere of the situation, but pacing issues, as well as a few dead zones tend to cause it to drag on a bit.

The 2 lead stars of the movie Rob Freeman and Prince David Oseia are likable enough characters, each with their own quest ahead of them. However, sub-par acting from both cause a few cringe inducing moments that make it hard to really buy into their characters plight.

The true stars of the movie are the Zombies. They have done a truly wonderful job retaining the Romero"esque" features of the zombies. The makeup and movement of the zombies are very traditional and one of the few highlights of the movie.

The setting, although beautiful, does not really add to the overall ambiance. Finally, the story, although very traditional in the zombie movie landscape does not offer anything new, exciting or even unique to the genre.

Final verdict, my review on this movie is based on "my" overall experience with the movie, which in no way means the movie will and has not been enjoyed by many others. If you are looking for a different zombie movie, then perhaps give it a try. However, if you are not completely into this genre then perhaps skip this one.


Reviewed by ericrnolan 7 / 10

A very short review of "The Dead" (2010)

"The Dead" is a fairly decent zombie movie — I'd rate it a 7 out of 10. It's a lower-budget feature, and some of the acting is a bit flat, but this is a movie that does a lot with a little. The film wisely makes the most of its African setting, and has an intelligent, if slowly paced, story. It focuses on its two military protagonists' needs for food, sleep, shelter, fuel and vigilance, during the course of a lengthy overland trek. That's refreshing in an era of "Strippers vs. Zombies" (2012), and various fairly lackluster clones of "Shaun of the Dead" (2004).

Best of all, however, is the film's skilled manner of evoking "slow burn" or "creeping" horror. The zombies in "The Dead" usually move quite slowly. They might be the slowest zombies I've ever seen. This might be the anti-"28 Days Later" (2002). But that makes the vibe here unique among the spate of modern zombie films — and maybe a little reminiscent of George A Romero's pioneering early films. If you're reaction is like mine, you'll find it a little unnerving to see them gather en masse at a snail's pace.

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