The Day the Earth Caught Fire


Action / Drama / Romance / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 86%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 85%
IMDb Rating 7.2 10 3888


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Michael Caine as Checkpoint Policeman
Janet Munro as Jeannie Craig
Leo McKern as Bill Maguire
Renée Asherson as Angela
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by john_vance-20806 8 / 10

Works well for me

I've watched this a number of times and always enjoy it. I must admit that I had a crush on Janet Munro that started with the "Horsemasters" Disney series but it's more than just her.

The science is by far the weakest aspect of the film. In summary it's annoyingly implausible. Nuclear weapons are indeed powerful, but that a couple of bombs could tilt the Earth and change its orbital path should elicit a "Hmmm" even for those with little science background. But that weakness is more than compensated by just about everything else.

The acting is top-notch. The crusty journalist role is played by Leo McKern flawlessly. Edward Judd is believable as the talented columnist whose career and life have been derailed by marital failure and alcohol. I don't care whether Janet Munro is good or not, I'll watch her all day long - her premature death was a loss to the industry.

The re-created atmosphere of the frantic newspaper business is excellent. I don't know how it really works but it sure convinced me. It was intensely demanding and competitive, portraying the kind of place where only the most talented and motivated professionals can thrive.

The grimness of the deteriorating environmental conditions may be the most compelling component in this film. The matte work is sub-par, but the misery of the common people shambling listlessly through the heat and dealing with rapidly dwindling resources is captured very nicely. You can imagine yourself there trying to survive while knowing there's not much future for you.

I have no complaints about this film and though it's not cinematic genius it is very well put together. Definitely worth a watch.

Reviewed by alexanderdavies-99382 10 / 10

A disturbing and relevant film.

This film isn't what I would describe as a typical science fiction film. The plot serves as a prediction as to how our world has evolved into the place it has become.

Edward Judd - hardly remembered now - is a savagely witty and cynical journalist whose newspaper he works for, provides the latest news with regards to the rather unusual weather that takes place.

The screenplay is an excellent one and is brought to life by a gallery of familiar character actors, including Leo McKern, Michael Goodliffe amongst others.

Reviewed by Prichards12345 8 / 10

Sober and convincing

Director Val Guest made some good stuff in his time. He did not deserve to end his career stooging for Cannon and Ball that's for sure! I really like his directorial style; he seems to have decided a documentary-style approach was the best way to present outre material; and what worked so well in his Quatermass movies works equally well here.

What a refreshing change to have believable characters compared to the one dimensional stereo-types we get today. Having just watched SPECTRE, where the screen writers appear to never have met a real human, it was so good to watch this: well rounded, flawed guys trying to make sense of the momentous events.

Edward Judd usually played slightly disagreeable types (at least in most of the movies I've seen him in) and this is no exception. He plays a journalist at the Daily Express who stumbles upon a story that the world is about to end due to twin nuclear missile tests forcing the earth from its orbit, and he does it very well. Slacking off as he's depressed over the failure of his marriage and only able to see his kid for a few hours once a week, hitting the bottle a bit too much, full of sarcastic rejoinders and bitterness, I found him totally convincing, much like the movie, in fact.

Leo Mckern is also a stand out as Judd's colleague, who frequently covers for him and despite his acerbic nature is actually soft-hearted. Janet Munro has some quite sexy scenes as Judd's love interest, her near toplessness is surely the only reason I can think of for the film's original X certificate. Munro is very good, too.

There is also plenty of historical interest as the film was actually shot in part at the real Daily Express print offices. Indeed, the paper's then editor, Arthur Christensen, also has a role in the movie!

It's only real fault is the beatnik riot towards the end. This is just bloody silly and was injected only to add some false drama to the end. This movie didn't need it.

The film is superb. Hollywood please don't remake it. I don't want Tom Cruise saving the world, or teenagers uncovering adult conspiracy theories amidst ten thousand special effects shots.

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