The Curse of the Komodo


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 24%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Chase_Witherspoon 2 / 10

Komodos turning prey into zombies!

Diplodocus-sized Komodo dragons stalk the inhabitants of a small island off Hawaii, the result of a Defence experiment gone awry. When the local team of scientists are mysteriously joined by a band of fugitives of a fatal casino heist, the two groups must co-operate to survive whilst the mainland Defence department organises a deadly napalm mission to neutralise the situation, and cover all the tracks.

Something of a sequel to "Komodo" though baring no relation to the predecessor, both in terms of production quality or storyline (not to suggest that the original was a memorable debut for the killer Komodo theme). The cast is fairly obscure for talent, but there's an over-abundance of cleavage if that's your tonic; Melissa Brasselle and Glori-Anne Gilbert's characters are a buxom if brain-dead duo, with whom even buffed-up muscle-man Paul Logan's pecks can't compete. Ex British playmate, Gail Harris supplies the scientific credentials vis-à-vis a British accent, but despite her flamboyant background, stays fully clothed throughout. Only Arthur Roberts and George 'Buck' Flower offer a link (albeit a tenuous one) to mainstream cinema with frivolous bit parts.

Aside from the scarcity of recognisable personnel on screen, there also seems to have been a strike in the special effects department, where more effort was paid in the creation of a ridiculous zombie tangent, where contact with the Komodo's drool causes a septicaemia akin to the behaviour of one of Lucio Fulci's zombie flesh-eaters. The predators rarely look convincing, and despite churning the ammunition, there are only a couple of beasts with which to contend. And yet it still takes 84 minutes to end the carnage that is the film "Curse of the Komodo".

Reviewed by TheCrowing13 2 / 10

Curse of the B-Movie!

My lord, who made this film. I don't understand if people want to make a low budget T.V. monster movie, why don't they show more monsters. There isn't enough in this film. They all focus on the humans acts to escape, which no one cares about. I'm not surprised that bout 3/4th's of this cast has most likely appeared in a porno. The only interesting thing I thought was amazing, were the random zombies that are thrown in as a side effect to the komodo's saliva. Lame? or super-amazing? hey there zombies can't get much cooler then that. The story is simple. People want to solve world hunger, government gets interested and gives them a komodo(s). They get big and eat people. Well a group of criminals are thrown in for a sub-plot that lasts around 30 sec. None of the actors are interesting and I often confuse this movie with "Komodo vs. Cobra", which is literally th exact same story but with cobras thrown in too. Special effects are average for a T.V. movie but I still feel they should be much better for the year the film was made. I swear this film was a porno but all the sex was removed and they kept one nude scene in then added more pointless dialog. 2/10

Reviewed by KenVeryBigLiar 1 / 10

Probably one of the worst movies of the kind...

The only thing i can say about this film is that it's awful in every aspect. The script is terrible. The story is a poor excuse and the dialogs are very badly written. The actors look like amateurs. Two actresses were selected probably because they have large breasts (and only because of that), since their acting skills are as good as the Komodo's. And even the visual effects are surprisingly bad, since this film is quite recent. There is almost no interaction between the Komodo and the actors. The result is a movie with not a single point of interest to show for.

Even if your are fan of this genre of movie, my advice is look elsewhere.

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