The Curse


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 29%
IMDb Rating 5 10 1960


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Wil Wheaton as Zack
John Schneider as Willis
Claude Akins as Nathan
Cooper Huckabee as Forbes
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by no-lolita-683-244070 6 / 10

A fun watch

Don't even try to compare this movie to the Lovecraft story which it appears to be inspired by.

The Curse is obviously low-budget: special effects are pretty crappy (although some are better than others), music sucks, and most of the scenes appear to not have had more than one "take". But still a brave effort!

Acting is not bad. And scattered throughout are little sly and subtle bits of ad-lib-type humour which caught me by surprise, making me laugh out loud more than once.

Rated 6 out of 10 for an entertaining watch without high expectations.

Reviewed by WisdomsHammer 6 / 10

Would be a great horror comedy if it didn't take itself so seriously

This thing is so ridiculous and unintentionally funny that it would have been a cult classic if they had played up the humor. Unfortunately, every scene, even the most absurd, is played with a grave seriousness that makes this movie almost depressing. If you can manage to not sympathize with the plight of any of the characters (which is difficult in many cases), you'll find this a lot more entertaining. The Curse isn't a title I would have used for this, even though it's not unfitting. A cheesy 60s title like Space Plague would have been awesome. It's difficult to recommend this, but if you like cheesy horror movies it is definitely worth a watch.

Reviewed by a_chinn 4 / 10

Odd Wil Wheaton choice of follow-up to "Stand by Me"

So you're Will Wheaton and have just come off of the critical and commercial success of "Stand by Me." What do you do next? You appear in a low budget Italian horror film starting Claude Atkins, of course! "The Curse" starts out as a nature-gone-wild type of horror film, featuring horse and chicken attacks after a meteorite makes things go crazy, but the film moves into "Evil Dead" territory when Wheaton's rural family becomes possessed by demons. The film is a VERY loose adaptation of HP Lovecraft's "The Colour Out of Space," but it is probably more true to the source material than Boris Karloff's "Die, Monster, Die!" In any case, this film is only worth watching for camp value. One of only three films directed by actor David Keith (not to be confused with Keith David), though I am now quite interested in watching his 1988 Indiana Jones knock-off, "The Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck." Interesting fact, Lucio Fulci served as one of the film's producers and reportedly supervised the gory special effects.

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