The Confirmation


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 88%
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Clive Owen as Walt
Maria Bello as Bonnie
Patton Oswalt as Drake
Ryan Robbins as Trout
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by krocheav 9 / 10

The Confirmation - A Fast Tracked Lesson About Life and Caring (with some mistakes along the way)

What a surprise this little gem turned out to be, I consider it a true 'find'. Movies like this give new hope to an industry dominated by mega budget, cartoon character type CGI marvels - works that mostly add about as much to the quality of our lives as an empty popcorn packet. I came across this while looking for something else (I don't even remember what). Five minutes in I kept waiting for the thing to fall over in a heap like so many others in this genre, but it just kept getting better! What struck me first was the script – there was this scene with a young (8-10yr old) boy in a confessional (quite against his will and I agree with him). When asked what sins he had committed he said he did not know – it was the way he said it and the expressions on his face that showed he really didn't know. Here was a mostly decent kid, without interest or cause to be 'sinful'. Next, we meet this lads father who's just about to look after him for the weekend while his ex is away with her new hubby. Her parting words to them: "Please don't get into any trouble", with dad's famous last words reply: "How much trouble can we get into over two days"!

It's about to get interesting in so many ways and on so many realistic levels. Dad (Clive Owen) is struggling with overcoming a drinking habit, while he claims not to be drinking – it seems he still might be. His rather special son, Anthony (superbly played by Jaden Lieberher - this lad is most impressive!) is heading for an important learning curve with several challenging situations coming his way. Next we meet Otto, well played by ex-heart throb Robert Forster who is perfect for this role. Between dad and Otto (dads father?) young Anthony will learn valuable lessons about the complicated responsibilities of grown-up life. The whole script is virtually spot-on regarding the difficulties of understanding the adult world through young eyes. Anthony's dad is very down on his luck just now and his son is about to take this on-board first hand. With so many movies being lauded by the Academy and their trendy, soulless, critics, movies like this have become rare, and like this one, they shine brightly amid the overindulgence. It also quite powerfully highlights how current USA economic politics have unfairly dealt a blow to many of its own citizens (while this is filmed in Canada - the story is set in Kent Washington with its crushed economy).

For this work, the Award-nominated writer Bob Nelson (for Nebraska '13) is also director/producer (first effort), and he delivers a well-realized result with much to be admired. While he could seem a tad confused with some aspects of religiosity he at least leaves it open to serious thought. Also in the cast is another ex-heart throb Matthew Modine, playing new husband to dad's ex-wife Maria Bello (Jan Austen Book club '07). The slick cinematography comes from talented English born (now based in N.Y.) Terry Stacey. One or two story aspects keep this from reaching its target audience, such as several mildly dramatic situations and use of blasphemy in place of four-letter words (but in many people's book that's the same anyway!) That aside, this is recommended for thinking/feeling audiences – tired of the same old Hollywood blockbusters and looking for some 'real' people who most could identify with.

By the way, this is not a straight comedy as it's very wrongly being marketed - it's a drama with a little humour and while it's inspired by a classic of the past "The Bycical Thieves" it is far from a re-make as some have suggested - it may be the same genre but, this work stands its own ground very well. Find it on DVD or Foxtel.

Reviewed by jacques-c-simon 9 / 10

Quietly heartwarming

I am so glad I spent time watching this film, a quietly heartwarming film about Father and Son bonding over a short weekend. Both Clive and Jaeden are wonderful in this film, subtle and meaningful especially Jaeden who can put so much in just one glance. Wonderful film, I recommend all Fathers to see this with their young sons.

Reviewed by belphegor8818 3 / 10

Movie is OK, BUT it's not COMEDY

I gave 3 stars mostly because of genre, it states that it is COMEDY, and I was prepared to watch some comedy, but it was pure life DRAMA. Movie is OK, i watched better, but its not bad. I was pretty disappointed because I expected to watch some fun-time comedy, and not drama.

About actors; they ware good. Clive Owen, is often underrated as an actor, where hi does his usual solid performance as a recovering alcoholic-father. But it is the supporting actors who bring this drama spotlight. Jaeden Lieberher, who plays the kid role, is good, and you can enjoy his performance as young drama actor.

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