The Confession


Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 40%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 35%
IMDb Rating 6 10 2197


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Ben Kingsley as Harry Fertig
Alec Baldwin as Roy Bleakie
Chris Noth as Campuso
Richard Jenkins as Cass O'Donnell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bencharif 8 / 10

A mystery of ideas

I'm not a particularly avid follower of movie actors, or of movies as they're released, which probably explains why I found "The Confession"--and Alec Baldwin's performance in it--so surprising. I'd heard nothing about this film and saw it quite by accident.

Movies like "The Confession"--that is, movies with moral dilemmas at their center ("It's not hard to do the right thing; it's hard to know what the right thing is" is the central dilemma of the film)--often bypass the ambiguities of complex moral questions in favor of a single answer everyone can love.

In this film there are moral ambiguities aplenty, and the film deals honestly with the difficulty of facing those ambiguities head-on and taking a clear position. Alec Baldwin's performance was startling and complex--a beautiful thing to watch. The supporting cast, including Amy Irving, was top-notch, too.

Reviewed by khatcher-2 6 / 10

Not to be passed over

Normally films with Alec Baldwin, or practically any others of the Baldwin clan, would generally have me reaching for the remote so as to change channels. But, Ben Kingsley.......... so I decided to settle down and watch `The Confession'. And I am glad I did so.

This is a pretty serious court-case, with some excellent scenes, and some good dialogues at times. If Baldwin is better than in anything else of his I have had (mostly) the misfortune of seeing, here he is really more than acceptable, even good. And Ben Kingsley is better: as good as anything since `Gandhi' (qv). `The Confession' shows clearly that neither of these actors need films of violence to keep intelligent spectators attentive: this film works, with good chemistry between the two men. The only weakness is that Baldwin just has to have a bit of an affair with...... no, I am not going to say with whom.

If like me you are not exactly a Baldwin fan, do not pass this film over. It is a well-carried out dramatic piece which is worth your time.

Reviewed by thinker1691 8 / 10

" Vengeance is reality with the volume turned up "

Sol Yurick acquired a great deal of experience while working the streets of New York. His most famous story which received wide acclaim is called 'The Warriors.' Now director Daniel Hugh Jones initiates this fascinating Yurick novel entitled " The Confession. " It's an important story taken from the pages of todays headlines. Harry Fertig (Ben Kingsley) is a well respected, devoted and loving father who's six year old son is suffering from acute appendicitis. Upon rushing him to the Emergency ward of the hospital, he is told his son who needs immediate attention will have to sit, wait and fill out forms. The result; his son dies. Concluding someone has to be held responsible, the grieving father sets out to punish the hospital receiving attendant, (Eric Malabar), the admitting nurse (Becky Ann Baker) and Dr. Mason Gillett. (Mark Ethan) all for putting their own troubles ahead of an emergency patient. After his son's death, Fertig murders all three and then surprisingly enough, surrenders to the police. While awaiting trial for murder, Fertig is given a public defender whom he promptly fires. However, his new defense lawyer Roy Bleakie (Alec Baldwin) is a well connected, ambitious attorney who is instructed by his client to plead him Guilty! With many rich and powerful people concerned his client might be given the death penalty, Bleakie is ready to plead him Not Guilty by reason of insanity. However, Fertig insists, he knew what he did was wrong and is willing to accept punishment, even if it means being executed. The story is intriguing from it's onset and the collected cast does a marvelous job of imbuing understanding, sympathy and deep emotional drama to the characters. All one needs to do is live in our speedy, fast food, hectic style of life to realize what this case is all about. Anyone who has ever been run-over by the uncaring freeway of ambiguity we've created or have experienced the churning frustration we daily endure, know what this movie is all about. The result; this film has become a Classic and is easily recommended to anyone who cares. ****

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