The Condemned


Action / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 15%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 58%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 47512


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Sullivan Stapleton as Special Agent Wilkins
Manu Bennett as Paco
Vinnie Jones as McStarley
Nathan Jones as Petr
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Arup Mukherjee 6 / 10

Confused between good and bad

In spite so many negative reviews, I watched the movie. I am glad I did, cause till end, I had a good time.

First with the good things. I have seen "Tournament", "Death Race", Hunger Games" etc. before and I kind of like these movies. When I started watching this, I did not expect much. But I was surprised to find out that the movie had elements, that were quite entertaining. The story was good enough. The performances of actors were more than what was expected. The cinematography was good. The speed was satisfactory. Lastly the direction was great, and I would love to see a few more from Scott Wiper.

But there were a few loose ends too. The story line had great opportunities for Breckel, our villain no. 1, but I feel he could not be as cool as there was scope. And then, if he was so choosy about his contestants as we could see at the beginning of the film, what made him select Paco and his wife and Yasantwa? I don't know. Also near the climax, Jack died on camera, but came back off camera. Then how come his wife seemed expecting him when he returned at the last scene? Also I feel her character did not deserve that much of screen space. Lastly, during the fight scenes, I did not understand why there were so many cuts, why the camera shook so much with so many close shots.

Reviewed by leonardomqs 4 / 10

The movie really tried to do something decent, but only bad decisions were made.

I can't say that the director is good, but he filmed it at least in a acceptable way. And the cinematography is beautiful, whitch helps. The script is predictable. The protagonist as every other character are bad. The movie even tries to create a backstory for the protagonist, but just make it worse. The cast are horrible, Vinnie Jones almost make it enjoyable but the dialogues don't help in any way. I saw this movie when I was a kid (yes, totally wrong), and in that time I was able to visualize that this movie isn't a big thing, but I actually enjoyed. I rewatch it this year, I was not able to reach the end. If you like to see strong people killing each other you can give it a try. Maybe you enjoy it.

Reviewed by miyuruw-92 6 / 10

Watch it in HD for the good camera shots

I would give 9/10 for the camera crew for the beautiful shots The build up of the story is nice but it fades away in the end through a lot of drama. Characters of the movie are very diverse and it was fun watching what kind of chaos they were gonna create in the island. Also throws in some good topics to discuss about the influence of internet on the business and criminal minds.

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